Queensford College launches their new IQAP

Covid-19 has challenged the norm of simple interactions with people. The old ways of how we connect, engage and reach people from around the world are no more and the new normal of attending digital events and studying or working remotely has been set into place.

These events have presented the education industry with significant obstacles to overcome, especially for the student recruitment process.

Prior to the pandemic, student recruitment was a simple process of seeking eligible individuals at traditional open days, student fairs and agent events. This process is usually short and sweet, but due to the pandemic, it has turned things upside down and introduced a whole lot of new challenges to overcome, such as border closures and the lack of appropriate resources to tackle the problem.

Queensford College has recently collaborated with Sofiri to launch their revolutionary digital student recruitment solution named Queensford Engage.

Sofiri is an educational management and technology company that specialises in developing educational applications to enhance the efficiency and productivity of current student recruitment practices. Their latest software, IQAP, also known as Instant Qualified Applicant Platform, is a system which allows prospective students to directly connect with an array of relevant individuals, such as staff members, education counsellors and education agents, from the comfort of their own home or office. All they need is an electronic device like a mobile phone or desktop, and with just a touch of a button, they can be linked with someone working or officially representing Queensford College, at anytime and anywhere.

Not only will this platform make student recruitment simple and easy, IQAP can also enhance the student’s educational journey by connecting them to the right person at each stage of a student’s journey. To do this, it is integrated with Facebook messenger, which is also available as a live chat widget across the Queensford College website. This will help the college qualify students 24/7 and equip counsellors with a better understanding of the student’s academic, language and financial background, ultimately elevating their student experience. Students can discover their future careers and with a peer-to-peers model, IQAP can enable them to have a better synchronisation of communications, thus reducing miscommunication.

This convenient technology has the power to take the student application process to the next level by allowing them effortlessly and easily access all the information and relevant people they need to fast-track their application and start studying at Queensford College as soon as possible. There’s no limit to Sofiri’s IQAP, as it’s available to both international and domestic students.

IQAP is the way to move forward regarding student recruitment in this day and age, and it’s great knowing that Queensford College is implementing this type of technology to ensure students in Australia and overseas are having the best student journey available.

About Queensford College: Queensford College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is focused on providing quality education and training in fully- accredited courses. We are present in three key cities in Australia – Parramatta, Brisbane, and Adelaide. From these campuses that we have been catering to local and international students and have been providing nationally-recognised qualifications in a wide variety of fields and areas of studies – Accounting & Business, Community & Health, Hospitality, Information Technology, and Management. They are all accredited with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), which means that these courses meet stringent national quality assurance requirements in terms of both competency outcomes and assessment validity. To learn more about the college visit their website or to apply via Queensford Engage visit their portal.

About Sofiri: We connect the students with professional education counsellors, agents, staff, alumni and student ambassadors. Covering the student journey from awareness to admission and visa is our best part. Our chatbots prequalify prospective students in different languages like English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.  Via our technology, education providers chosen counsellors offer professional education guidance on selecting or confirming desired courses. To learn more about our Peer-to-Peer platform visit our website or get in touch here.

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