A unique approach to the international student recruitment model

Sofiri is very excited to announce a partnership with StudyPortals, the world leader of course information to prospective international students: https://www.studyportals.com/ This partnership establishes a new way of supporting aspiring students by connecting course information with application creation using Sofiri’s unique digital platform. From the StudyPortals websites students simply connect to Sofiri and choose an Education […]

Scholarships for international students at the University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is encouraging students to pursue excellence in their studies and is offering a range of scholarships to prospective international students to support them financially. There are five types of scholarships: The International Achievement Scholarship Undergraduate Scholarships Postgraduate (Coursework) Postgraduate (Research) and International Loyalty Program. UWA Scholarship Details and Criteria […]

OSHC – Health Insurance for international students in Australia

Purchasing health insurance for international students in Australia – better known as OSHC for its acronym in English (Overseas Student Health Cover)- covering the time of permanence is a fundamental requirement for the visa. There are currently 5 Insurance companies authorized by the Australian government that provide medical insurance for international students. Australian Health Management […]