Update: Entry of International Students to Australia with Vaccination

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has finally announced that fully vaccinated international students will be welcomed back to Australia from Wednesday 1 December. International students make an invaluable contribution to Australian state’s culture, community, and economy. Australia benefits from international students returning not just directly in the higher education sector, which has had massive job losses since Australia closed its borders, […]

Study Tasmania Connect – International Student Ambassadors Support to Prospective Students

The international student recruitment and destination promotion industry has been changing throughout the last months to keep up with ever-growing trends, with traditional methods of recruiting students like open days, student fairs and agents being challenged by contact restriction measures. This is the reason why more creative and innovative approaches are needed and why Study […]

UNE International Student Recruitment in the Age of COVID

From border closures to studying from home and attending digital events near and far, COVID has noticeably impacted the ways in which we connect, engage and reach people across the world. Working in International Education at this time has presented with a handful of new challenges to overcome, particularly when trying to recruit prospective international […]

Digital Marketing Trends in International Student Recruitment

If you’re a part of the international recruitment or the marketing division for a university or college, you’re dealing with a world of challenges: Covid-19 and how social distancing changed forever face to face recruitment increasing competition from countries and education providers a decreasing applicant pool due to falling demographics and rising costs Struggle to […]