Landmark Education is assisting prospective international students during Nepal’s lockdown

Landmark Education is one of the leading educational consultancies in Nepal. For the last 20 years, Landmark has helped Nepalese students with their plans to study abroad, with thousands of them attending universities overseas.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), Landmark Education closed their offices in Nepal back on the 22nd March 2020. Despite the closure, it is business as usual during lockdown for them.

In a visionary move, Kumar Karki, Landmark’s founder and CEO, invested on his education counsellors to be able to service aspiring students even if the offices were closed, execution took place long before the first case of COVID-19 affected Nepal.

Landmark’s counsellors located in Kathmandu, Chitwan and Butwan in Nepal, and also in London, UK and Ottawa in Ontario, Canada are making use of Sofiri’s IQAP platform to qualify, engage and provide admissions services to students in Nepal. They are operating remotely while continuing operations at Landmark.

Landmark’s counsellors are dynamically listed on their homepage for any student to connect with. Students are also being qualified by their Facebook Messenger bot, providing relevant student data for counsellors to offer meaningful advice.

For a glimpse on the results of using (Instant Qualified Applicant Platform) IQAP, Landmark education has invested over a period of three weeks in social media ads linking to their bot, as a result, hundreds students were fully qualified and matched with a counsellor, resulting in a extremely low cost per match, at approximately 10% of the average cost universities pay per qualified student.

“We have an IQAP platform for our counsellors to work from home; we are connecting them every day with students qualified via our Facebook Messenger bot”. says Kumar.

Do you have a team of counsellors ready to work from home? Would you like to focus their attention only on qualified students so they can convert easier and faster?

IQAP is enabling agents like you to automate their messaging communications and to professionally manage thousands of enquiries a day via the web or instant messaging apps. These enquiries are responded to instantly, qualified and allocated to the most appropriate counsellors. This will help your counsellors successfully manage the journey from prospective student enquiry to an accepted application.

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