Sofiri is very pleased to announce our new partnership with George Brown College in Canada

Chartered in 1966, George Brown is a public fully accredited college with three campuses located in Toronto, Canada. The College attracts students from across Canada and around the world by emphasising experiential hands-on learning with courses taught by instructors with real world experience.  In 2019 the college welcomed over 6,000 international students.

This October, George Brown College will go live with their IQAP web portal. The George Brown branded portal will enhance their regional international representatives’ engagement with aspiring students, provide tools to assist with applications and enable additional George Brown personnel to participate in the conversion process.

In addition, the portal will make the enrollment progression more informative and enjoyable for students while providing greater transparency for George Brown’s recruiting team in Toronto.

George Brown College in Canada collaborated with Sofiri to launch their revolutionary digital student recruitment solution named “Choose”.

Sofiri is an educational management and technology company that specialises in developing educational applications to enhance the efficiency and productivity of current student recruitment practices. Their latest software, IQAP, also known as Instant Qualified Applicant Platform, is a system which allows prospective students to directly connect with an array of relevant individuals, such as staff members, education counsellors and education agents, from the comfort of their own home or office. All they need is an electronic device like a mobile phone or desktop, and with just a touch of a button, they can be linked with someone working or officially representing Queensford College, at anytime and anywhere.

Sofiri is very grateful for this partnership, and we are looking forward to working with George Brown for many years to come.

About Sofiri: We connect the students with professional education counsellors, agents, staff, alumni and student ambassadors. Covering the student journey from awareness to admission and visa is our best part. Our chatbots prequalify prospective students in different languages like English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.  Via our technology, education providers chosen counsellors offer professional education guidance on selecting or confirming desired courses. To learn more about our Peer-to-Peer platform visit our website or get in touch here.

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