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Bachelor of Nursing will be replaced by Master of Nursing Practice at WSU in 2022

There are some great news for new Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry) (BNGE) students for 2022 at Western Sydney University.

The WSU School of Nursing and Midwifery is currently trying to secure Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) accreditation for the New Master of Nursing Practice (Graduate Entry) degree which will be finalised by the end of this year.

Master of Nursing Practice (Graduate Entry)

The Master of Nursing Practice (Graduate Entry) degree will help you develop into a confident and capable nurse. You’ll learn to look beyond an illness in isolation and focus on a person’s wellbeing as a whole.

The focus of the course is on inquiry-based learning, critical thinking and reflective practice in relation to the theory and practice of nursing in health and health breakdown across the lifespan.

As there are inherent requirements for this course that must be met, there are also special ones, such as a statutory declaration, or completed vaccination/immunisation card with all serology results. Please, do not hesitate to ping your education expert to know more.

Have you already accepted a 2022 BNGE offer?

  1. Once ANMAC accreditation is provided, WSU will be sending all current January 2022 BNGE offer holders a NEW offer into the new MNP degree. You will not need to re-apply! You just need to accept it, and then will receive a new COE reflecting the new course details.
  2. You will still be able to benefit from the guaranteed AU$3,000 scholarship offered for BNGE in 2022 – this will now be offered for all MNP offer holders in 2022.

Note: As COVID19 can sometimes cause unplanned disruptions, if ANMAC accreditation is delayed beyond December 2022, the School of Nursing and Midwifery will continue to offer the BNGE in 2022, and postpone the commencement of the Master of Nursing Practice (Graduate Entry) until ANMAC accreditation is received in 2023.

Why study at Western Sydney University?

These facts will explain you why

  • 5-star ratings for innovation and teaching (QS World University Rankings)
  • Top 2% of universities worldwide (Times Higher Education World University Rankings)
  • 2 new high-tech campus buildings in Parramatta and Liverpool
  • 45,000 students call Western Sydney University campuses home
  • Western was the 1st university to offer free digital textbooks

Want more?

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  1. Hi there, I am one of the student from WSU Bachelor of GEPE. As I heard the news that GEPE will be Masters of GEPE in 2022 I was really curious that are we still eligible for Registration as RN and are we able to apply for permanent residency in Australia in near future?

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