The Power of Collaboration: Sofiri 360 and Edith Cowan University’s Indonesian Venture

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between Edith Cowan University (ECU) and Sofiri as ECU takes a bold step towards expanding its services into the Indonesian market. Through the innovative Sofiri 360 system, ECU aims to penetrate the Indonesian market, achieve its company objectives, and provide exceptional educational opportunities to Indonesian students. Join us as we explore the remarkable benefits of Sofiri 360 and how it is helping ECU make a significant impact in the Indonesian education landscape.

Enhancing Recruitment Efforts

Sofiri 360 provides ECU with a groundbreaking student recruitment program that improves the diversity and quantity of new students while reducing acquisition costs. By combining the best elements of agent channels and the direct recruitment approach, Sofiri 360 offers a unique blend of advantages. This includes the personalized support and cultural understanding of agents, along with the in-depth knowledge and control of the direct channel.

Streamlined Application Process with Sofiri IQAP

Sofiri 360’s Instant Qualified Applicant Platform (IQAP) is at the core of the program, delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience. With IQAP available on the WebAndroid, and iOS platforms, prospective students can easily access the system and connect with qualified counselors. This efficient technology leverages natural language processing to provide personalized assistance and streamline the application process, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey for Indonesian students. Through IQAP, ECU gains a competitive edge in delivering efficient and accurate information, facilitating smoother communication, and ensuring a delightful student experience.

Streamlined and Cost-Effective Recruitment

Sofiri 360 offers ECU a cost-effective solution for student recruitment in the Indonesian market. By combining the advantages of agent channels and the direct approach, ECU can maximize their recruitment budget and optimize return on investment. Sofiri 360 eliminates the need for high agent commissions while providing transparent control over the enrollment process. This ensures that resources are utilized efficiently, allowing ECU to enroll a diverse mix of students while keeping costs in check.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Sofiri 360 equips ECU with a comprehensive marketing program to effectively promote their distinctive offerings to the Indonesian market. Through targeted campaigns, ECU can showcase their internationally recognized degrees, industry partnerships, and research opportunities. By highlighting success stories of Indonesian students who have thrived at ECU, Sofiri 360 builds credibility, fosters trust, and inspires prospective students to choose ECU as their educational destination.

Personalized Guidance and Support

Through Sofiri 360, ECU offers aspiring Indonesian students an unparalleled enrollment experience. Dedicated counselors, fluent in the students’ primary language, provide personalized guidance throughout the application process. These counselors possess in-depth knowledge of ECU’s courses and programs, ensuring that prospective students receive accurate and tailored information. This personalized support empowers Indonesian students to make informed decisions and embark on a transformative educational journey at ECU.

The partnership between ECU and Sofiri through the Sofiri 360 system marks a significant milestone in ECU’s expansion into the Indonesian market. By leveraging the power of personalized guidance, innovative technology, and targeted marketing campaigns, ECU is well-positioned to achieve its company objectives while providing Indonesian students with access to a world-class education. Sofiri 360’s streamlined enrollment process, cost efficiency, and comprehensive support empower ECU to make a lasting impact on the Indonesian education landscape.

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