We exist to enable student enrollments around the world

through powerful technology and human expertise
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We exist to enable student
enrollments around the world

through powerful technology
and human expertise
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End-to-End Aspiring Student Experience

Learn more about the future student journey and how it intersects with you!

How do students become aware of study options for the first time? The role of marketing communications at this stage is vital; this is "push and pull" at its best; students are reached directly using paid marketing or are attracted by referees, influencers or organically
Future student's decision-making process commonly includes three components: location (country, state and city to study), education provider (quality, rankings, price, etc.) and course (intended level of study, graduate outcomes, etc.).
Beyond how rankings, graduate outcomes and influencers (parents, agents, friends) affect decisions, not only "profession", but other components which include passion, vocation and mission should be part of the mix that help students choose what to study
Expression of interest
At this stage, students want more information, the more information the student provides, the better the answer will be . IQAP will qualify prospective students using bots in various languages, servicing students 24/7 and using Natural Language Processing to then connect them with the relevant counsellor.
In this critical stage, a peer-to-peer connection between a student and a relevant person, i.e. agent counsellor, staff member or even alumni or student ambassador is what makes the difference and alters the future student journey.
Following student's counselling, communication and clarity about their study options, managing the student information along with providing quality information about the intended course or education provider via quotes is part of a proper CRM execution.
This is the climax in a journey that has a beginning, middle, and an end. At this point, online applications are a must, long gone are the days of paper or PDF applications; the future of this stage is about machine learning and document verification.
Most applications tend to be incomplete and missing documentation to fully meet entry requirements. At this stage, even academic staff may need to get involved in assessing applications. There is definitely more than meets the eye in this stage; multiple variables take place for the process to be seamless, factors include demand, course, nationality and entry requirements, among others.
At this stage, students are either admitted or rejected, if admitted, offers issued can be unconditional, conditional or packaged with other courses. This is the legal document that defines the contractual relationship between a student and an education provider. The process that takes place for this document to be issued can make a world of difference for both the student and the university or college.
It is very reasonable for students to hold in their hands more than one letter of offer, the average is three, and as application systems become more comfortable and faster to use, that number will increase. The process of accepting offers involves the payment of fees, including tuition and often health insurance. We have partnered with CohortGo to do this online.
This is a step that students should take ownership of the most. Education agents and migration agents can assist. A student visa is a process that is managed by governments. The main reason for students to rely on third parties to help with their visa application is the fear of rejection.
This is the last stage of the aspiring student journey, and the beginning of one of the best experiences students will ever have. There are many areas to consider, from accommodation to transportation. Track real outcome results using IQAP.
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Digital Marketing Trends in Student Recruitment
Successful marketing at the top of the funnel is mean to drive not only a good number of leads, but also increase the quality of prospective applicants. Outside China, the two main channels to digitally target students are Google and Facebook, including all relevant products they offer.
4 Ways To Choose The Best Country To Study In
Deciding the best country to study in is a daunting task. There’s a lot to take into consideration, from what country you might already have family and friends in, to where it is you’ve always dreamed of travelling. With world-class universities and colleges scattered throughout the globe, thinking about all your options can be overwhelming.
How to find your ikigai?
Deciding the best country to study in is a daunting task. There’s a lot to take into consideration, from what country you might already have family and friends in, to where it is you’ve always dreamed of travelling. With world-class universities and colleges scattered throughout the globe, thinking about all your options can be overwhelming.
Sofiri Bot Technology – helping to qualify your students!
We’ve implemented something which we’re excited to tell you about! We want to bring even higher quality students your way. And we have implemented a new process that will do this by better qualifying your students!
Top 3 Ways To Identify an Education Expert (or Counsellor) You Can Trust
Choosing to study away from your home country is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. So when you’re looking for advice on where to study, you need to trust the information you’re getting. Whether you call them education counsellors, guidance counsellors, education agents, or education expert(s) -like we do here at Sofiri-, we’re all looking for the same thing. Someone who’ll make the process of selecting, applying, accepting, and enrolling, a whole lot easier.
Integrate QS Enrolment Solutions CRM with IQAP
For the last years, Sofiri has had a close relationship with QS Enrolments (QSES), our founder developed API integrations from Facebook Lead Ads and custom HTML forms to QS Enrolment Solutions CRM for clients like the University of Tasmania, Western Sydney University and Waikato University.
What’s the meaning of “Genuine Temporary Entrant” (GTE) and how does it work?
The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement is an integral element of your application process. It is a means for governments to ensure that you want to study overseas temporarily with the purpose of gaining a quality education.
How to Write a Statement of Purpose for an Education Provider
Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a straightforward document that some education providers require international students to write as part of their application processes. Its purpose is to provide education provider departments with your personal statement on why you should be issued an offer for the course you’ve applied to.
A letter of offer should not be a speeding ticket
To stay on the front foot post-offer we recommend three marketing “Musts”: (1) Act rather than wait during the post-offer phase of the purchasing cycle, (2) Position the offer as the peak of your campaign, rather than its conclusion and (3) Employ off-campus incentives over financial concession to promote acceptance
OSHC – Health Insurance for international students in Australia
Purchasing health insurance for international students in Australia – better known as OSHC for its acronym in English (Overseas Student Health Cover)- covering the time of permanence is a fundamental requirement for the visa.
How to get an Australian Student Visa
Australia has something fascinating about it: it is a multicultural country and globally is known as one of the most diverse and friendly countries in the world. Besides, it has world-class universities and colleges where you can study.
Key factors to consider when searching for accommodation as an international student
Where you choose to stay when you travel can either make or break your experience. While searching for accommodation as an international student, researching the suburbs around the university or college you’re going to study is key, especially if you haven’t been to that area before.

What Students Say About Sofiri


My education expert, he is the most patient, responsible and kindest agent I've ever seen, even so much better than those ones I've literally paid for. The whole serve is totally free of charge from my end and the service quality is above the top. My expert always replies my messages quickly and provides information I just need. I applied for a MPA degree through them and the whole process just went really smooth, when I feel that accounting is actually not for me deciding to change to a different major, my expert gave a phone call in person asking what I am really passionate about what I am good at, leaving me a whole bunch of uni info to think about. the service is definitely 10 out of 10.

Yifu Ding

I would like to thank you all for the guidance, support and advice provided to successfully get admission and scholarship at the Western Sydney University and finally the visa. I am very impressed with the detail professional support provided by guiding each and every step of the admission and visa processing. The team is highly accessible in a 24/7 mode. I would strongly encourage and recommend other parents and students to use Sofiri Team for higher studies in Australia.

Samaya Shrestha

"Sofiri helped me with my application to study my postgrad degree in Perth. They guided throughout the whole process and also provided support. It is also very convenient as the application process is done through their portal and you have the possibility to communicate with an expert instantly and lodge several applications. I recommend their services to everyone wishing to pursue their studies in Australia!".

Shanaëlle Inayatealy

Counsellors went above and beyond helping and reassuring my decisions every step of the way. Definitely recommend this to anyone wishing to pursue higher edu in Australia.

Asaph Chien

Excellent service, my education expert helped me in university transfer. He is in contact with me with all his patience for more than 8 months. Such a compassionate person and did all my process, answered all my questions, Thanks Mate.

Rajesh Kumar

The service is so useful! My expert was called Jayson and helped me through everything and great with keeping the process moving forward even though I was a significant time difference away.

Louise Bishop
United Kingdom

Excellent service, they helped me with all the process. The process was really fast, I got my visa just in 5 min after I paid. Such great people are working there! 🙂 I did my process with the expert Aitana And she was great helped, answered all my questions and even helped me score a job in Sydney.

Paula Ussa

One of the best counsellor and very understanding, supporting and helpful.

Jemish Lakhani

My education expert helped me with my visa extension. I can't say thanks enough. All the process was clear and efficient. Communication was perfect, he was more than capable to answer all my question taking all the stress that sometimes comes with this. At first I was hesitant about the money transfer, but he was always there and give me the confidence to proceed. Thanks a lot.

Camilo Abella

The best option for getting any information about your visa in Australia!!! 100% Recommended!!

Steven Mora
Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 11.06.14 am

Sofiri has been really helpful, attentive to detail and patient with my application for a Master's program from the very beginning, which was extremely motivating especially during the pandemic. They have worked so hard on behalf of me, always going over and beyond, beginning from the application to the university till the grant of my visa. I recommend their services wholeheartedly to anyone wishing to pursue higher education in Australia. Thank you once again, to the whole team.

Dr Shahira Mohamed

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