The Sofiri recruit 360 recruitment program

A new ground-breaking student recruitment program that improves diversity and quantity of new students and reduces acquisition costs.

Sofiri recruit 360 puts the educational provider in the driver seat to recruit students more efficiently. Aspiring students will appreciate an easier and more personalizes enrolment experience. Educational providers will benefit from enrolling a more diverse mix of students at lower cost.

A better pathway from targeting to enrolling students

Envision having a knowledgeable counsellor in a source country who is dedicated full-time to recruit exclusively for you where prospective students are communicating with this counsellor on mobile and web apps that have your branding, the counsellor is knowledgeable about your courses and programs, and fluent in the prospective students’ primary language and can assist in all areas of recruitment, conversion and enrolment; but the counsellor does not count to your headcount and is not employed by you. Your recruiting and marketing teams can interact and monitor the entire recruitment and application progress of all prospective students at any time; and acquisition costs are significantly less than what you are paying now.

What you are envisioning is Sofiri recruit 360 

  • A marketing program to generate further interest
  • A dedicated counsellor for the country/region that you are targeting to provide exceptional local assistance
  • A proprietary technology to bring everyone closer together

How can a recruiting program that promises to do more cost less?

Sofiri recruit 360 provides a more efficient recruitment program by attracting and keeping prospective students in a new recruiting channel that blends the superior provider knowledge of the direct channel and the enhanced personalised assistance of the agent channel.

A friendlier way to enrol

Sofiri recruit 360 combines the best elements of the direct and agent channel providing a more streamlined and enjoyable enrolment experience for aspiring students. The program’s country/region-focussed counsellor delivers exceptional service, comparable to what your recruitment team and the best agents can provide, and additional support at any time.

A humanizing experience through our technology platform

The most impactful technologies humanize experiences by minimizing intimidating barriers and simplifying processes. The Sofiri communication platform is the backbone of the Sofiri recruit 360 program.

Reward good advisors

Where do you direct your marketing leads? Perhaps a recruiting website or a registration form. The Sofiri recruit 360 program includes an advertising campaign supported by a generous advertising budget to generate enquiries. Enquiring leads are then engaged 24/7 by chat BOT, qualified leads are then connected to a dedicated counsellor.

The pros and cons of the traditional recruiting channels

The direct recruitment channelThe agent recruitment channel
Your recruitment team is a reservoir of knowledge and are great promoters of your educational institution. They know the courses, programs, entry requirements, and the many compelling advantages that your education institution and destination offer. Successful applicants through the direct channel do not involve commissions to a third party.
Agents provide superior assistance with applications and visas as they are much closer to the aspiring student, share a common first language or culture and are in the same time zone. Agents ensure students complete the required forms and submit the required documents on time. Agents can also promote the provider to prospective students when they may not know it exists.
Most, if not all, educational institutions are limited in the assistance they can provide with application, visas, and admittance, and therefore students will commonly use agents to finalise the process.
Agent commissions can be expensive. The provider does not have direct contact with the student and progression of enrolment is not transparent with little control.

The Sofiri recruit 360 recruitment program

The best of both channels
Imagine having a branded mobile recruitment mobile and web app that aspiring students use to connect with a dedicated local counsellor who recruits solely for your institution. In addition to providing knowledgeable advice about programs and courses, the counsellor also assists prospect students with their applications and visa processes reducing the likelihood that they will seek the assistance of an agent. Now imagine that this counsellor is an extension of your recruitment team, and Sofiri’s proprietary communication platform can be used by your staff to monitor the application process and even connect directly with the aspiring student should they choose to do so.

Sofiri Recruit 360 makes this all happen. The branded mobile and web applications, the communication and monitoring platform, the marketing campaigns, as well as the local counsellor allow recruitment and enrolment of the right mix of students from countries/regions that you target. And for much less than you pay the traditional agent channel.

Sofiri recruit 360 adds to your bottom line

Subscription to Sofiri Recruit 360 is so affordable that it only takes a handful of enrolled applicants to make it a success.

Costing less

  • An affordable monthly subscription fee
  • A low success enrollment fee
  • No setup charges

Providing more

  • A custom branded mobile recruitment app for students (IOS and Android)
  • A custom branded recruitment web portal with a qualifying bot
  • A Facebook messenger qualifying bot
  • A dedicated in-country/region counsellor
  • Marketing campaign setup and paid advertising also included

Making it Happen

Your Sofiri recruit 360 program can be up-and-running in just a few weeks and requires only a few minutes of assistance from your tech department.

Please contact Sofiri today for pricing and a demonstration. We will be happy to discuss how Sofiri Recruit 360 can be tailored for your needs and the tremendous savings that can be realised.

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