It is NOT Peer-to-Peer Student Recruitment, it is Peer-to-PeerS

Recruiting qualified students has always been a difficult and challenging endeavour, the pandemic that started in 2019 has made it even harder as face-to-face interactions with multiple people are not as common these days unless done digitally. Sofiri has developed over the last five years a revolutionary platform called IQAP to effortlessly prospect and recruit qualified students.

IQAP stands for Instant Qualified Applicant Platform and it is a system that allows prospective students to directly connect with not just one, but multiple relevant individuals along the journey, such as education counsellors, recruitment or admissions staff, student ambassadors, alumni and education agents to name a few, everything from the comfort of their own home or office.

Designed with a focus on peer-to-peers connection, the platform can relieve difficulties and challenges related to the process of student recruitment. Such challenges may include having only one person to answer all the prospective student’s questions and concerns which are outside their expertise; as well as the instant gratification expected by prospective students wishing to have an instant connection.

Having a single peer matched with a prospective student can pose a risk for miscommunication, misinformation as well as bad service. But, by having Sofiri’s IQAP integrated within your organisation, this threat can be eliminated, as the IQAP digital technology connects the prospective students to a range of people at each stage of their prospective student journey, with each person having expertise in a different area. This platform can also allow prospective students to have multiple chats with various people at the same time and receive replies instantly via mobile apps branded as your organisation and available in both Google and Apple stores, thus eliminating the wait times and fast-tracking their process.

Developed with some NLP technology, the platform encapsulates other features that are beneficial to the student recruitment process. Such features include the Sofiri Bot Technology available via web, mobile app, Facebook messenger and live chat widget, which is an interactive and intuitive chat bot that asks the prospective students a series of questions when they first sign up. These questions may include study interests, academic and financial background, and even language proficiency. By the time aspiring students finish answering such questions, they’ll be linked with the most relevant advisor at that stage, the information captured by the bot will provide a good understanding about the student needs and requirements, ultimately allowing advisors to see the information and for organisations to assess how qualified these prospective students are.

The process of student recruitment can be costly and time-consuming. The IQAP digital technology provides a great solution and a way to minimise marketing costs and time while increasing the quantity and quality of the pipeline. Sofiri bots can re-engage with prospective students who may have enquired and did not lead anywhere, incomplete direct applications or direct offers that have not yet been accepted. These bots will then gather the outstanding information and match the prospective students with a range of counsellors, such as an agent or staff member who can guide them through the application process, from start to finish. Once a student is issued an offer of entry, they can connect with key influencers, e.g., pre-selected alumni or student ambassadors.

Sofiri’s IQAP and its peer-to-peers focus have the power to help organisations with the student recruitment process by minimising costs and time related to such procedures and provide you with connections to prospective students who are of high quality. If you want to learn more about IQAP visit our website or contact us here to schedule a demo.

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