Western Sydney University’s Exciting International Scholarship Program for 2024

Western Sydney University is proud to announce its International Scholarship Program for 2024, which offers a range of opportunities for outstanding students from around the globe. With some minor changes from the previous year, they are excited to provide even more support for our international students who demonstrate exceptional merit and dedication to their academic pursuits. Below, we outline the key features of the 2024 International Scholarship Program, including available scholarships, the application process, and eligibility criteria.

Scholarship Opportunities:

  • Multi-year Merit-based Scholarships: The $3,000 and $6,000 multi-year merit-based scholarships continue to be available for eligible students who exhibit exceptional academic performance.
  • VC 50% Excellence Scholarships: These scholarships remain in place for eligible students, with additional 50% scholarships now offered for select postgraduate programs aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • 30% EAP Scholarship: Students can still apply for this scholarship, which provides a 30% reduction in tuition fees.
  • Guaranteed Multi-year Scholarships: Students applying through UAC will automatically receive a $6,000 guaranteed multi-year scholarship, while new commencing undergraduate students (excluding Bachelor of Nursing students) will automatically receive a $3,000 guaranteed multi-year scholarship.
  • Postgraduate Degree Programs with $6,000 Guaranteed Multi-year Scholarships: A select list of postgraduate degree programs are eligible for a $6,000 guaranteed multi-year scholarship, including Juris Doctor, M Artificial Intelligence, M Business Analytics, M Engineering, M Information and Communication Technology, M Property Investment and Development, M Public Health, M Science, M Social Work (Qualifying), M Teaching (Birth – 5 Years/Birth – 12 Years), and M Teaching (Secondary).

Scholarship Exclusions:

Please note that the Doctor of Medicine program and a few other programs, including Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Master of Nursing Practice, Master of Clinical Psychology, are not eligible for certain scholarships, such as the VC 50% Excellence Scholarship.

Want more?

Western Sydney University’s International Scholarship Program for 2024 aims to provide financial support and recognition to exceptional students from around the world, enabling them to pursue their academic dreams at our esteemed institution. By offering these various scholarship opportunities, they continue to create an inclusive and diverse learning environment that nurtures the growth and development of our global community. Apply now to embark on your journey at Western Sydney University and take advantage of these exciting scholarship opportunities.

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