ATMC Revolutionises Their Student Recruitment Strategy with Sofiri 360

As a leading student recruitment platform, we understand the challenges that educational institutions face when trying to attract and enrol a diverse mix of students. That’s why we created Sofiri 360, a groundbreaking student recruitment program that improves the diversity and quantity of new students while reducing acquisition costs.

Sofiri 360 puts educational providers in the driver’s seat to recruit students more efficiently while aspiring students benefit from an easier and more personalised enrolment experience. With our program, educational institutions can now target and enrol the right mix of students from the countries and regions they are targeting.

We are excited to announce that ATMC (Australian Technical and Management College) has recently adopted the Sofiri 360 Program across their satellite campuses with distinctive degrees. Our partnership begins with ATMC’s Western Sydney University and Federation University degrees in their Melbourne and Sydney Campuses respectively, both catering towards Philippines before later expanding across other Southeast Asian countries. This partnership represents a significant milestone for us, as we continue to expand the reach and impact of our system in the education sector.

Our program offers ATMC better pathways from targeting to enrolling students, with knowledgeable counsellors in source countries who are dedicated full-time to recruiting exclusively for the institution. Our Instant Qualified Applicant Platform (IQAP) is at the core of Sofiri 360 and is a 24/7 service that qualifies prospective students using bots in Facebook Messenger, Web, iPhone or Android, leveraging Natural Language Processing to connect students with the relevant counsellors. Prospective students can then communicate with the dedicated counsellor on mobile and web apps that have ATMC’s branding, with counsellors knowledgeable about ATMC’s courses and fluent in the prospective students’ primary language.

The program’s country/region-focused counsellor delivers exceptional service, comparable to what the ATMC’s recruitment team and the best agents can provide, and additional support around the clock. Our proprietary communication platform is the backbone of the Sofiri 360 program, providing a humanising experience that minimises intimidating barriers and simplifies processes. This provides exceptional local assistance in all areas of recruitment, conversion, and enrolment; a combination of direct and agent channels, which leads to a more holistic and superior student recruitment strategy and user experience.

Sofiri 360 provides a more efficient recruitment program by attracting and keeping prospective students in a new recruiting channel that blends the superior provider knowledge of the direct channel and the enhanced personalised assistance of the agent channel. The program includes a marketing campaign to generate further interest, supported by a generous advertising budget to generate enquiries via a robust digital marketing strategy which includes social media outreach (Youtube, Facebook, etc.). Enquiring leads are then engaged 24/7 by a chatbot, qualified leads are then connected to the institution’s dedicated counsellor.

One of the most significant advantages of Sofiri 360 is that it adds to the bottom line while costing significantly less than the traditional agent channel. With an affordable monthly subscription fee, low success enrolment fee, and no setup charges, Sofiri 360 provides a cost-effective solution for student recruitment. The program also offers a custom-branded mobile recruitment app for students (iOS and Android), a custom-branded recruitment web portal with a qualifying bot, a Facebook messenger qualifying bot, and a dedicated in-country/region counsellor. Marketing campaign setup and paid advertising are also included.

Sofiri Recruit 360 is easy to set up and use, and our program can be up and running in just a few weeks with minimal assistance from the institution’s tech department. It only takes a handful of enrolled applicants to make it a success.

Our revolutionary student recruitment program can help educational institutions like ATMC attract and enrol a diverse mix of students at a lower cost. With a combination of personalised support, innovative technology, and marketing support, Sofiri 360 is the perfect solution for any institution looking to streamline its recruitment process and attract more students to their study abroad programs.

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