Learn English or French in EC Canada

EC Canada is a great choice when it comes to study English or French

If you’re thinking about learning English or French abroad, EC in Canada is a great choice! Actually, the country has been ranked as the best one in the entire world by the US News and World Report!

With this in mind, and just to make it even better, you can take advantage of some great offers provided by EC English Language Centres that are available right now!

Check this out!

  1. From May 17th 2021, anyone aged 18+ can schedule an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine. If you don’t have the government health card, you simply need to bring your passport and proof of health insurance, such as EC’s student insurance, GuardMe.
  2. Their Pathways programme has a great new offer of just $130 CAD to start this course online. Ideal for you to start studying before you arrive in Canada or while in quarantine.
  3. EC has a partnership with Air Canada, and is giving to all EC students 15% off the cost of plane tickets when they fly directly to Canada with Air Canada in 2021.
  4. EC Montreal and EC Vancouver are currently open with a blended learning schedule. Both schools remain full of life as they continue to provide their students with an excellent study abroad experience while adhering to current COVID-19 safety guidelines.


Where snow-peaked mountains join freshwater lakes, and huge forests meet thriving, cosmopolitan cities, Canada has an endless array of landscapes. And as the world’s second largest country, with two official languages – English and French – and an eclectic mix of cultures, Canada really has it all.

You can choose among the following cities!




Why you will love EC

Learn English or French to enhance and expand your career options and open up the world of education. The courses offered by EC are suitable for all levels of understanding, and are designed to focus on the area of your choice.

Want more?

For more information about the English of French courses offered by EC, and start an application, you just have to register and choose an education expert to guide you and resolve any concerns you might have, as well as advise you in your visa process at no cost.

And the best of all? Using Sofiri is completely free. If you accept an offer at a university or college, you will pay the same fees as if you were going directly to a university. You can start right now by clicking on the next button.

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