Apps to Boost your experience as an international student

We’ve all been there: Planning to move to a new country and you have absolutely no idea about how to find a place to live, how to use public transport, or even where to eat. Check our guide with apps for international students!

There is something magical in the unknown, however, nobody wants to fly blind. 

We want to make your experience as a student as smooth as possible (hopefully) we will make your application process through our experts and that’s why we have created a guide with all one wanted to know before moving to one of our top international student’s destinations: England, Canada, USA, Ireland and Australia. 


student accommodation
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If you are not staying in a student’s accommodation centre, we highly recommend staying in an Airbnb while you find the place you will call home. Airbnb may be more expensive than a flat or share-room found on other rent sites, but it gives you the certainty of, knowing the reviews of previous guests, how good it is going to be. 

Once you’re installed in your new city, you can go and personally see your accommodations options. Here are some platforms you can use:

England: RoomgoSpare RoomRight Move

Canada: SubletRentboardNestpick.

USA: StreetEasyRoomieRoomster.


Australia: FlatmatesSharehousesRentaroom

Check our article on key factors to consider when searching for accommodation as an international student to get more tips about it.


transport apps
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Google Maps is probably the best app to get from point A to B. Download the maps of your city to get estimations of your trip by car, public transport or walk even without an internet connection. 

You can also take advantage of the following apps…

England: CityMapper got buses, bikes, underground/trams, trains, ferries, Uber, taxis, and walking. Plus it has real-time information from transport authorities to help you find out if there are any delays. If you want to grab a taxi, there are plenty of options, including UberKabbeeHailo and Gett. 

Canada: Transit, developed in Canada, supports most cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal and many others. Moovit and Citymapper are also great alternatives. 

Uber may be the name on the tip of your tongue when you think about rideshare services, but it’s not the only name out there. If you’re searching for some cheap (or potentially free) rides with an alternate rideshare service, Poparide may be just what you’re looking for.

USA: If you can only have one app for transit and commuting, then you should have Transit. As soon as you open it, you’re presented with real-time information for every nearby public transportation service. This is why it’s best for commuters: you already know where you’re going, so all you need is the real-time arrival transit information. 

Some of the best taxi apps are UberLyft and Curb. Unlike other taxi apps, the Curb app enables riders to book professional and insured drivers instead of sharing a ride in a private car.

Ireland: The most extensive transport network in Dublin is its bus service, and the useful Dublin Bus App shows all routes on a map, as well as bus stops, timetables, and GPS to guide you to your nearest stop. Use the app for its Route Planner and Fare Calculator.

Taking the train? The useful Iarnrod Eireann app displays information for all stations in the country and combines timetables with real-time info, and a handy journey planner.

Are you a driver? Parking in a city may be complicated but with Parking Tag, you can pay for parking using your registered credit or debit card instead.

Australia: Moovit uses data from local public transport operators to give you real-time departure, arrival and service disruption information. It shows you walking directions to your closest stop and lets you know how many more stops before you need to get off (so you can get engrossed in your latest page-turner without worrying about missing your stop). If you don’t want to take public transport, you can get a lift from someone for as little as a few dollars. There are several services operating in the land down-under: Uber, Didi and Ola

Apps for Foodies:

Apps for foodies
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England:  OpenTable will display the restaurants closest to you, their real-time availability and let you book with a simple click of a button. You can also browse menus, read reviews from other diners and include special requests with your reservation. You’ll also earn points each time you dine, which can be later cashed in at your favourite restaurants. 

If you’re looking formoney-saving deals on some of the top restaurants, withTablePouncer you can enjoy scrumptious food at bargain prices, with savings of up to 65% on your bill. 

For delivery, you can use FoodHubDeliveroo or Uber Eats.

Canada: Hangry is a skip-the-line type app, allowing students to order from cafeterias on campus and pay via the app. You’ll receive notifications while your order is being prepared and when it’s ready, your order history is saved for easier future re-ordering and customize your orders to your taste. Students will earn 1 point for every $1 spent and cashback for each level achieved.

Looking to grab some street food? Street Food Toronto will show you when and where each will truck will be, covering both Toronto and Hamilton.

For delivery options, our students recommend UberEats and Foodora

USA: Yelp Waitlist allows you to virtually wait in line at your favourite restaurants. Just add yourself to the waitlist. Once your table is ready, you’ll receive a text telling you to come to the restaurant.  

Starbucks apps give you access to free iTunes music, games, and apps, as well as Starbucks drink info. Second, and more importantly, having a Starbucks account and registered card through the app allows you to get free coffee refills. 

Your delivery you can sign up for DoorDash’s subscription service, DashPass. For $10 a month, you get free delivery and lower service fees from thousands of restaurants nationwide. Postmates is another very good option if you want to find good deals. 

Australia: Use Open Table to find, explore and book a table, see menus, reviews and photos to select a meal you’ll really love. 

Vegetarian? Happy Cow recommends local restaurants, health food stores, grocers and farmers markets perfect for that meatless dish. 

Need to save some money? With EatClub diners can find last-minute restaurant deals near them. The app allows restaurants to fill empty tables by posting instant offers to entice new customers.

So engaged with Netflix to get our of the bed? Get food delivery with MenulogDeliveroo, or Uber Eats

We hope this guide can help you with your new educational adventure. 

If you need more information about your destination, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our education experts.

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