How studying overseas will boost your professional success

Are you considering packing your suitcases and studying abroad? 

There are plenty of benefits to studying overseas that include the opportunity to enjoy natural wonders, museums and parks, learn about a new culture by tasting their food, dancing their rhythms and the personal development that comes while rediscovering yourself in a new scenario being on your own. 

However, the biggest reason why you should live this adventure is that studying abroad enhances your career prospects. Here is why:

  1. Global awareness:

With an increasingly globalized world, studying abroad is now more important than ever.

65% of Fortune 1000 executives identified global awareness as “very important” or “essential” to be ready for a career.

MetLife survey 

Understanding the way society works in different cultures is a great forerunner to success, especially for those studying fields such as business and marketing. If you are from the east and are considering studying in the west, or vice-versa, keep in mind that, after graduating, you will likely be sought-after in the job market as you will be seen as a bridge between both markets. 

2. Global connections:

Studying overseas allows you to meet like-minded people from all around the globe. Those friends from college or university, who are as qualified and adventurous as you, will be in the future prominent workers in important corporations or entrepreneurs in other latitudes, thus becoming allies for you or for the corporation that hires you. 

The power in networking is endless so make the most of this life-changing opportunity by socialising and growing your social capital. 

studying overseas

3. Adaptability:

Employers look for people who have studied abroad because they know that they have the drive to try new things and the confidence to go out and experience them. 

The experience will ensure that you are adaptable to new surroundings and cultures and will also develop your character, independence and discipline, which is not easily learnt in the classroom. This sort of flexibility is vital to many employers.

4. Project management:

Studying abroad means you will be navigating and embracing your new home. You will be getting used to international transport, new currency, mobile phone contracts and your university coursework. This means you will develop the ability to plan logically and think critically – key skills of project management and key skills that employers typically look out for. 

5. Communication skills: 

English, Mandarin and Spanish are the most important languages for business. Studying in a destination like the United States, Canada, England, or Ireland will help you to improve your English by interacting with people from different sides of the world, with different accents and slangs. 

In addition, many English speakers take advantage of diversity on the campus or student’s accommodations to spend time with people from different languages and improve their knowledge. 

Do you want to give the next step in your professional career and study in an overseas destination? 

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