OSHC – Health Insurance for international students in Australia

Purchasing health insurance for international students in Australia – better known as OSHC for its acronym in English (Overseas Student Health Cover)- covering the time of permanence is a fundamental requirement for the visa.

There are currently 5 Insurance companies authorized by the Australian government that provide medical insurance for international students.

What is covered by the OSHC medical insurance?

The Australian Government through the Australian Department of Health defines the services provided by insurers, therefore all have a basic package that covers:

  • Ambulance services.
  • The 100% of the fee for hospital or clinical services listed by the program of health care benefits (accommodation, specialists and/or surgery).
  • Medications (up to a $50 AUD per item and a maximum of $300 AUD in items per year)

What’s NOT covered by the OSHC insurance?

The basic insurance for international students that insurers provide does not cover

  • Treatments Before you begin to live in Australia or while you move to this territory.
  • Transfers of the student or his beneficiary within or outside Australia for whatever reason.
  • Treatments for compensation or damages to third parties.

How to make use of the insurance?

Whether you have an emergency where being transported in an ambulance is necessary, please do not hesitate to call the 000 emergency line. If in another case you need a less urgent assessment, you can schedule an appointment in the medical establishment of your preference.

You may find that the clinic or hospital will generate an invoice or will send it directly to the insurance company; if the first is the case you must file it with the insurer for it to repay the money.

Does Sofiri make it easier?

Sofiri has allied with Cohort Go, which is a platform that makes it more just, intelligent, and easy to make payments for international students. This allows you to pay your expenses for OSHC, tuition and other expenses related to your studies in your local currency with competitive exchange rates and without extra fees.

Your education expert can request your basic package or purchase another with greater benefits. It can also compare them and teach you the best option for you. You are entirely free to choose the most suitable.

If you are looking for information about English courses, technical, vocational, undergraduate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree courses in Australia, consider to Sofiri. With Sofiri, you can get free advice on courses, get help for your application and even visa assistance where we will help you to purchase your medical insurance (OSHC). We will walk you through your journey and will answer your questions at every step of the way.

And best of all. Using Sofiri is completely free. If you accept an offer at a university or college, you will pay the same rates as if you went directly to a university.

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