Australian & American Homestay Network – A Guide to Apply for Sofiri Experts

Sofiri has partnered with the Australian Homestay Network and the American Homestay Network. This means as a Sofiri Expert you can provide students with a quote for homestay accommodation in Australia and the US during their study. And you will receive a commission for this placement.

Most aspiring international students have never studied overseas or even been away from home before. The option of Homestay, where a student lives in with a family, will provide your students and their parents with peace of mind.

What is Homestay?

Homestay is a cultural exchange between an international student or visitor and a local individual or family in the host country. The “host” provides accommodation and support for an agreed-upon period of time and rate. Homestays can be tailored to provide meals, assistance and other activities. 

Locations of Homestay

AHN services all major cities in Australia and the USA. 

How to create a quote

Homestay Management System (HMS)

The Homestay Network have a custom built Homestay Management System (HMS) for their partners and guests to assist in submitting and monitoring guest’s application and homestay placements with ease.

Important: You must read the AHN Agent Partner Manual for full information prior to submitting your first application.

Login Credentials

Australian and American Homestay Network Login Credentials

To log in click here

Important: Request the credentials from the Sofiri National Manager

Follow these steps to create a quote

1. Once you login you’ll see this dashboard:

Sofiri partners with Australian Homestay Network

There are 6 key links

  1. Commission. This will show commission payment information.
  2. Policies. Here you can review the Guest Agreement (to submit a guest application you will confirm that you have read and agree to it on behalf of the guest) and other AHN policies.
  3. Orientation. View the lessons that your guests must read and understand in preparation for homestay in Australia
  4. Forum. Participate in forum discussions with AHN staff and other partners
  5. Reports. You can run detailed reports relating to your guests and their placements with AHN.
  6. Mail. Clicking the envelope icon at the top of the screen will allow you to easily send and receive internal messages directly with any AHN office.

2. Submit an application

(a) On the Home page, click the Guests link (or click Menu > Guests).

(b) On the Guests page, click + New Guest.

(c) On the New guest page, complete all required fields (marked with an asterisk). a. Enter guest information on the left side of the form. NoteLeave the guest’s email blank if you do not know the guest’s email address or if you do not want the guest to participate in the application process. If you supply a guest email, the guest will be invited to log in to HMS and enter profile information. DO NOT enter your email in the Guest Email field.

(d) Enter your own contact information on the right side of the form (most will be pre-filled for you). When entering the Place (where the student will study) ensure you are entering the correct spelling. If you type in where they are going and it cannot be found please click “not found” and you will be able to type in the address of where there they are going and this will allow you to proceed with the application.

(e) When you are finished entering information in the form, click ContinueNote: If the Continue button is unavailable (colour appears faded), that is a signal that one or more required fields have not been filled out.

Important: On the submission confirmation page: Copy the username and temporary password of your guest. When you are ready for your guest to log in to HMS, send your guest the username and password.

Click Update the guest’s profile if you wish to take the next step in the application process. If you prefer to do that later, you will see “Please complete the guest’s profile” in the Alerts column of your Guests table.

Click View all guests to return to your Guests page.

For FULL details on managing your students application please refer to the following in the AHN Agent Partner Manual

  • Monitoring guest applications
  • Compulsory Guest Orientation
  • Making a Payment

There are several options to make a payment:

  1. Credit Card (3% surcharge)
  2. PayPal (3.6% surcharge)
  3. Pay to Study
  4. Internet Banking 
  5. Direct Deposit 
  6. Telegraphic Transfer

Any questions?

You may find the answers about American & Australian Homestay on the Homestay Network website – or you can email the team direct:

If it’s Urgent!

If you need to speak with the Homestay Network team urgently, please call 1300 024 628 / +61 2 8014 8173 during business hours (that is 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday AEST) or if it’s outside of those hours contact their 24/7 call centre:

1300 MY STAY (1300 69 7829) If outside Australia phone +61 2 8905 0321

Or reach out to the Sofiri National Manager for support at

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