Free General English Class at Times Academy

Are you interested in studying any leadership, childcare or aged care courses? If you decide to study with Times Academy they will give you 12 weeks of General English (GE) for FREE. All their courses provide qualifications which are nationally recognised and provide employment opportunities in Australia.

This means that you can prepare yourself, improve your English level before you start your Certificate or Diploma at absolutely no extra cost.

There are certain steps to obtain your free English weeks:

  • The 12-weeks free GE classes are from: 13/07/2020 – 02/10/2020
  • Onshore students only.
  • Students must package with one or more Vocational (VET) courses at Times Academy.
  • First term’s tuition fee for the VET course needs to be paid before Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) issuance.
  • COE, Material and Enrolment fees apply for English courses (ELICOS) and VET courses.
  • No deferment or suspension for ELICOS courses are allowed.
  • VET courses deferment/suspension available according to school policy.
  • Change of course and location according to school policies
  • Extension of GE courses require payment for further GE studies. VET tuition fees may be deferred in this instance without deferment fee.

And that is not where the promotions stops, if you decide to study one of their VET courses you not only get free English classes but they will also reimburse the price you pay for your student visa application! That’s right $620 will be discounted from your tuition fees in your second payment.

Apply now and obtain all of these offers talking with one of our Sofiri Experts.

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