How to make the most of your education program overseas

It can be challenging to start a new professional program in a country that has a different academic environment, language and culture. But there’s no need to worry.  Many institutions have an international student support department that can answer your questions and direct you to the services you need so you can make the most of your education program overseas. 

Their orientation programs generally offer:

  • information sessions
  • campus tours
  • faculty-specific orientation
  • library tours
  • social activities
  • introduction to services and facilities
  • opportunities to meet academic and other university staff and student representatives. 

Plenty of student groups run social gatherings and organise activities like trips or cultural events to help international students make friends, have fun and settle into their new college or university. 

Besides, you can also find support and a network outside the campus, many city councils have international student support and they even get to choose a team of ambassadors or students that can be of support for others living the same experience. We highly encourage you to search for those groups in your destination or ask your Sofiri expert, who will be able to provide you with more information.

In our article Apps to boost your experience as an international student, we recommended Meetup, a service used to organize online groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests. In Meetup, you can find free and paid activities in categories such as sport and fitness, food and drink, outdoors and adventures, and so on.

Studying overseas is a life-changing experience that may happen just once. Take advantage of education program overseas and enhance your opportunities to grow professionally and have fun in the process. 

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