Integrate QS Enrolment Solutions CRM with IQAP

For the last years, Sofiri has had a close relationship with QS Enrolments (QSES), the founder developed API integrations from Facebook Lead Ads and custom HTML forms to QS Enrolment Solutions CRM for clients like the University of Tasmania, Western Sydney University and Waikato University. At Sofiri, we continue working with QS Enrolments to reduce the associated workload that surrounds having a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform and for data to flow seamlessly to QSES and vice-versa when using the Instant Qualified Applicant Platform (IQAP).

What is IQAP?

  • IQAP is a peer-to-peer platform connecting prospective students to advisors.
  • IQAP is comprehensive: it manages the journey from prospective student enquiry to enrolment, not just student engagement.
  • IQAP enables education providers to automate their instant messaging communications and professionally manage thousands of enquiries.
  • IQAP will pre-qualify these enquiries, so they are allocated to the correct channels and individuals. This means that advisors work with genuine prospective students enhancing their productivity and enhancing the opportunity to turn enquiries into enrolments.
  • IQAP eases student applications by providing guidance for uploading correct documentation tailored for particular courses, and guidance on writing their Statement of Purpose.

How does IQAP integrates with QS Enrolment Solutions CRM?

All data collected by IQAP via Facebook messenger, bots, and web or mobile apps will be sent automatically to QSES. You can set up marketing automation tracks for this specific group of students; you can also be reported in real-time using QSES Analytics solutions.

The integration with QSES also works the other way around, and university course information can be automatically retrieved in IQAP for all advisors to use accurate information.

QSES CRM does not offer a public open API, take advantage of our knowledge and close relationship with QSES ensuring that your IQAP is fully integrated with your CRM.

If you’d like to learn more about IQAP and how it can help your University or College, why not schedule a free online demo?

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