New Zealand International Education Strategy 2018 – 2030

“International education contributes to the global good as it opens hearts and minds and encourages tolerance.” Carol Bilkey, formerly New Zealand’s Ambassador to Brazil

International Education – transforming lives

The New Zealand government is very aware that international education transforms lives. They want it to flourish in New Zealand because the Kiwi way has so much to offer to the world. 

A long history of international eduction in New Zealand

New Zealand has a long and proud history of involvement in international education, beginning in the 1950s when students from the Asia-Pacific region attended New Zealand universities under the Colombo Plan. In the past 25 years, international education has grown to become the country’s fifth-largest export industry and the second largest services export sector after tourism. International students are a valuable feature of New Zealand’s education system, from primary schools to post-graduate study.

In 2017 international education:

  • Contributed an estimated $4.4 billion to the New Zealand economy
  • Provided 125,392 international students with a New Zealand education
  • Supported 33,000 New Zealand jobs
  • Supported 4,807 international students studying at PhD level and, through that. contributed to New Zealand and global research and development

Value of International Education to New Zealand

International Education Strategy

The International Education Strategy aims to create an environment where international education can thrive and provide economic, social and cultural benefits for all New Zealand. It builds on New Zealand’s quality education system and focuses on delivering both good education outcomes for international students and global opportunities for domestic students and their education institutions. The Strategy is underpinned by the International Student Wellbeing Strategy, and a commitment to maintaining the integrity of New Zealand’s immigration system.

The Strategy, released in August 2018, sets a path for the future of New Zealand’s international education sector. It has been developed by Government in consultation with international education stakeholders including education providers, international and domestic students, peak bodies and community groups. The vision is for international education to contribute to a thriving and globally connected New Zealand through world-class education.

See what delegates at the New Zealand International Education Conference  (NZIEC) had to say about the new International Education Strategy 2018-2030.

Goals & Actions

The Strategy sets out three goals and key actions for government agencies to give effect to the Strategy, as well as measures and indicators for success:

  1. Excellent education and student experience
  2. Sustainable growth
  3. Global Citizens

Measuring success

To ensure the New Zealand Government stays on track, they will measure success in their three overarching goals:

For more information and a full copy of the New Zealand International Education Strategy 2018 – 2030 visit:

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