The most popular undergraduate and postgraduate courses in New Zealand

Still thinking about what to study? Which course fits your needs, your knowledge or what you truly want? Have you thought about the awesome undergraduate and postgraduate courses you can study in New Zealand? Or, why is New Zealand one of the best countries to study in?

The most popular disciplines for the most popular programmes in New Zealand for international students are listed below:


science in New Zealand

Studying science in New Zealand combines a first-class academic education with practical, hands-on learning that teaches you to ask questions and think critically.

While you’re studying abroad you may be learning in labs, research centres and field stations, from marine reserves to Scott Base in Antarctica. You’ll be taught by expert teachers, work in teams to research real-world problems, and gain globally-recognised qualifications.

Science graduates from New Zealand gain globally-recognised qualifications and the ability to think critically and creatively about challenging issues – ideal skills for the modern workplace.

Science graduates are highly sought-after by employers, who value capability skills such as flexibility, teamwork and workplace-relevant English language abilities. Many science careers are on our skills shortages list, so you may be able to work here after graduating.


technology in new zealand

New Zealand prepares you for your future in the booming technology sector with expert teaching, cutting-edge facilities and equipment, and globally-recognised qualifications.

Your study abroad experience will give you practical, hands-on learning and real-world experience, from creating a robot to designing a software system. You’ll develop analytical and creative thinking skills, and work in teams with other students and with industry to solve challenging problems.

International technology students who study abroad in New Zealand gain globally-recognised qualifications and highly transferable capability skills such as critical and creative thinking, flexibility, teamwork, time management and interpersonal skills.

Students also gain workplace-relevant English language abilities, learning to be effective in multicultural and Western work environments. The technology sector offers a diverse range of specialisations, and global demand for technology graduates continues to rise.

Business and Management

management in New Zealand

Kick-start your business career by studying abroad in New Zealand. You’ll gain internationally-recognised qualifications and the practical skills to transform existing businesses or start your own.

Leading academics will support you to think critically, develop your own ideas and relate them to real-life business situations. You’ll carry out project work in industry, network with business leaders, and take part in internships, study tours and business competitions.

Business or management students in New Zealand gain a world-class education and globally-recognised qualifications. They develop vital capability skills such as flexibility, teamwork and project management; learn to be effective in multicultural and Western business environments; and develop strong networks of contacts.

If you want to stay here after graduating, New Zealand is a great place to do business. It was ranked second out of 189 countries on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index in 2015, third out of 42 countries on the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom in 2015, and 17th out of 144 countries on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Index in 2014-15.


engineering in new zealand

New Zealand’s practical, hands-on teaching style encourages you to think independently, critically and creatively while you’re studying abroad.

Learning in small classes with a high teacher/student ratio, you’ll gain real-world experience for your future engineering career. You’ll be supported by friendly, approachable teachers who are leaders in their field and have close ties to industry.

Studying engineering here gives you an edge in the global jobs market and prepares you to succeed anywhere in the world.

You’ll gain internationally-recognised qualifications, vocational experience and generic skills such as teamwork and leadership. You may also be able to work in New Zealand after graduating – we need more engineers.



Studying maths abroad in New Zealand teaches you to think clearly and independently, solve problems and communicate the answers. New Zealand maths qualifications are globally recognised and valued in a wide range of careers.

You’ll be supported by world-class teachers, collaborate with expert researchers in many different disciplines, and solve technical, real-world problems. Challenges students might tackle range from monitoring endangered animals to making corn flakes crispier.

Maths graduates are employed in many areas, including business, finance, computer science, medicine, technology and teaching. Some roles require specific maths skills, while others value the reasoning and analytical skills students gain when they study maths in New Zealand.

In 2014 and 2015, US company Career Cast included three maths jobs – actuary, mathematician and statistician – on its list of four top careers. New Zealand maths graduates are highly valued by employers and their qualifications are recognised around the world.


agriculture in new zealand

Study agriculture, horticulture, forestry, viticulture and related industries in a country that leads the world in agriculture and is a hub of agribusiness innovation.

Agriculture in the backbone of New Zealand’s economy, and two of our universities are ranked in the top 100 for agriculture and forestry in the QS World University Rankings. Students have unbeatable opportunities to gain hands-on experience on farms and research centres as well as through case studies, field trips and tours.

Spend time outdoors, in close contact with nature, and further your studies with educational options right through to in-depth research at Masters’ level.

Study agriculture-related courses in New Zealand and gain globally-recognised qualifications that are relevant, highly-mobile and based on the real-world experiences you’ve had on our farms, stations and research centres.

You will also build capability skills such as English language proficiency, critical and creative thinking, flexibility, communications and teamwork.

You’ll develop networks into the agricultural workforce, which includes farms, corporations, research institutions and government departments. Your qualifications will be in high demand internationally and in New Zealand, with many agricultural sciences jobs on our skills shortage list.

Digital design

digital design

Whether you’re studying game design, animation, visual effects or another digital design discipline, New Zealand offers you unique opportunities to bring your creative ideas to life.

Build connections with industry leaders, such as the Oscar-winning filmmakers who made Lord of the Rings, Shrek and Avatar. Gain real-world experience in vibrant design communities and showcase your work in shows, galleries and competitions.

With three universities in the 2015 top 100 QS World University Rankings for art and design, the New Zealand education system sets you up to meet the demands of the rapidly-changing global design industry.

Digital design students work collaboratively on group projects under expert leadership. They also network with world-leading innovators – people that students wouldn’t usually get the chance to meet.

Study digital design courses in New Zealand and you’ll gain skills, qualifications and experience that will make you in demand on the global job market. You’ll also have the capability skills – such as English language proficiency, leadership, communications, creative thinking and problem-solving – graduates need to stay at the top of the fast-moving design industry.

Fashion and design

fashion design

With three universities in the 2015 top 100 QS World University Rankings for art and design, the New Zealand education system gives you a head start in the competitive, fast-paced design world.

Whether you’re studying fashion design, graphic design, industrial design or a related discipline, you’ll be encouraged to think new, be innovative and challenge conventional design practice. You’ll broaden your horizons with internships, competitions and exhibitions, and take a hands-on approach to using materials, processes and technologies.

Studying fashion or design courses in New Zealand gives you the internationally-recognised qualifications, real-world experience and industry-specific skills you’ll need to forge your career in the design sector.

You’ll study in small groups with expert leaders to gain practical experience of teamwork and meeting deadlines. Showcasing your work in shows, exhibitions and displays will help you build networks with design industry leaders.

Gain the capability skills that will give you a head start in the jobs market, including English language proficiency, punctuality, self-confidence, presentation skills, problem-solving, leadership and communication.

Food and hospitality

hospitality in new zealand

Turn your dream of working in hostels, resorts, restaurants or cafes into reality. Gain real workplace skills, hands-on experience in industry and the knowledge you need to succeed in the food and hospitality sector.

Learn from tutors with strong industry experience and networks, and experience authentic training environments such as bars, cafes and student-run cafes. There are many opportunities to gain further qualifications and skills.

Studying food and hospitality courses in New Zealand gives you the internationally-recognised qualifications and highly mobile skills you’ll need to succeed in the world’s largest industry.

Work placements will give you valuable industry connections, and you’ll build capability skills such as English language proficiency, punctuality, self-confidence, presentation skills, communication and teamwork.

Be part of a growth industry – the tourism and hospitality sector is New Zealand’s second-largest export earner, and some hospitality and food jobs are on our skills shortage list.

For more information about undergraduate and postgraduate courses in New Zealand and start an application, you just have to register and choose an expert to guide you and resolve any concerns you might have, as well as advise you for free even in your visa process.

The information provided was originally published by Education New Zealand 2019

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