Sofiri Bot Technology – helping to qualify your students!

We’ve implemented something back in 2019 that is still making its way into education providers all over the world! We want to bring even higher quality students your way. And we have implemented a new process that will do this by better qualifying your students!

So what’s the change? 

When a new student signs up via the Sofiri technology available in various mediums, including, web, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger and live chat widgets, they will be asked a series of questions. These questions are asked via our interactive and intuitive Bot Technology.

Students are asked questions like:

  • their latest level of study
  • the country and city where they would like to study 
  • the subject and level of study they would like
  • when they want to study
  • what their budget is
  • their english level and whether they have taken an English Test such as TOEFL, IELTS, PTE.
  • whether they already have a university or college in mind

This means that by the time they select their counsellor, they’ll already have a good understanding about them, how serious they are and an idea of what they would like to study.

This technology will enable you to qualify students, thus be more targeted in your approach to every student! And the best of all, it offers a conversion from visit to completing a full set of questions between 50-70%; this compare to the normal 1-15% available via web forms means cost is maximised as much as possible!

Whilst we’re here…

A reminder on the top tips for counsellor success!

  1. Reply to your student within 24 hours (this is a must!) – responsive is the top tip for success!
  2. Arrange a time to call, WhatsApp, video call your student – this is REALLY important to establish a connection and build rapport as well as to get to the heart of your student’s needs
  3. Discuss budget
  4. Be clear on the reality of a scholarship – share our webinar with any students who ask about scholarships
  5. Reach out to the National Manager, Student Experts at if you need help!

Remember that EVERY student that signs up with Sofiri is a real person with real needs and they’re waiting to hear from YOU!

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