Study Tasmania Supports UTAS with Student Ambassador Platform

Study Tasmania is officially leveraging its IQAP to support the University of Tasmania, one of the world’s leading universities located in Hobart, Australia.

Tasmania is a beautiful island striking a perfect balance between lifestyle and heritage hotspots, with vibrant cosmopolitan cities and equally breathtaking panoramas of wildlife and coastlines. Educational teaching excellence had also always been one of Tasmania’s strengths, with the University of Tasmania possessing unrivalled access to local industry experience, with a strong emphasis on practical learning in their curriculum.

The University of Tasmania offers a diverse list of more than 100 accredited courses, with a majority of the courses being recognized by global professional bodies, giving students a global advantage. Additionally, the university is also globally recognized as being the 1st university for sustainable climate action worldwide, which helps position students optimally in tackling modern global issues.

It is easy to discover what studying and living in Tasmania is like online at Study Tasmania, a government initiative supporting international students planning to or currently studying in Tasmania. Through the latest technologies, Study Tasmania’s IQAP offers the prospective student a glimpse of what life is like living and studying in Tasmania.

For instance, the Virtual Tours on Study Tasmania enable students to explore Tasmania before arriving and get a taste of the capital or explore the University of Tasmania while overseas. Even more impressive is Study Tasmania’s Study Connect initiative, which allows prospective students to reach out and connect to student ambassadors.

These ambassadors are also international students currently undertaking studies at the University of Tasmania and can help prospective students draw insights from the ambassadors’ study experience so that a well-informed decision on study options can be synthesized prior to commencing their education journey.

Concurrently, these ambassadors can also be found on the University of Tasmania’s website, as they are supported and embedded through Study Tasmania’s IQAP.

Prospective students can easily select any ambassador to help them kickstart their education journey in UTAS, who is available in Study Tasmania Connect. These systems holistically create a prosperous ecosystem in which Study Tasmania readily supports UTAS in its student recruitment endeavours, which simultaneously achieves the objective of the Tasmanian government’s initiative.

Let’s meet some of them…

Levanya De

Levanya is from Sri Lanka, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Business Economics and Finance at UTAS.

Her experience in Tasmania has been incredibly rewarding, and outside of study she is pursuing her love for dance through various cultural events, attending concert programs and is working towards career advancement through interning at one of the biggest Tasmanian governments organisations.

What does Levanya love most about Tasmania?

“The scenic hidden treasures that are yet to be discovered and the many opportunities it has provided me with over the past two years! The people here are what makes this already beautiful island a welcoming and homely place to be (it’s almost as if being nice is a prerequisite to enter Tassie!) – and it makes being away from home a bit easier.”

Yifan Huo

Yifan (Evan) Huo is an international student from China studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Tasmania in Launceston.

Yifan finds Tasmania to be full of opportunities to explore and enjoy life. He spends his free time doing adventurous activities such as swimming, rock climbing and enjoying fresh food products from the farms.

Tasmania has given Yifan the chance to engage with diverse communities, such as the LGBTQIA+ community, who have embraced him with open arms.

“I feel very welcomed in the LGBTQIA+ communities in Tasmania. My favourite LGBTQIA+ community is the Pride Society of the University of Tasmania which I actively participate in. We organised Drag and Dine; Musical Way Forward; comedy, and poetry and movie nights. One of the highlights so far of my time in the society was the Mardi Gras held in May. There are lots of LGBTQIA+ communities in Tasmania so you can explore and find your favourite one.”

Nhat Truong

David Truong is from Vietnam and is currently doing a Master’s degree in Information Technology with a major in Data Analytics at the University of Tasmania.

David is actively involved in extracurricular activities such as community events, sports event and university social programs.

“I enjoy taking part in social events and making new friends, as well as developing lifelong experiences. Studying and working in Tasmania has been a great journey. I enjoy the lifestyle, the beauty of nature, and the hospitality of Tasmanians. I welcome you to Tasmania and together we can explore this beautiful state, a land of opportunities.”

Shreya Mishra

Shreya Mishra is an international student from India and is pursuing a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Tasmania.

She says she is “…studying psychology partially because I am passionate about raising awareness about mental health and well-being, but mostly because it brings me the closest I will ever come to mind reading and living out my villain fantasies in this universe.”

Shreya’s experience so far is all positive.

“I moved to Tasmania not too long ago, right before the pandemic struck, which in turn brought us international students closer together as one big family living together on this beautiful island of Tasmania. There are a lot of things to love about Tasmania, including the exciting new experiences, the amazing people who welcome you as their own and the breathtaking natural beauty that I am yet to explore. But one of my favourites still remains the colours of the beautiful Tassie sunsets and the sunrises (ironically, I am not a morning person at all). I have seen a lot of dusks and dawns but the ones in Tasmania are the ones I would capture in my memories forever.”


Study Tasmania Connect is easy to use.

In just a few simple steps, students can connect with a Student Ambassador.

The first step is to chat with a bot, which can be done through the Study Tasmania APP, website or via Facebook messenger:

The Study Tasmania Connect bot sources some basic student details through a few simple questions to create a profile for each student.

Once this information is gathered, prospective students are presented with options so they can choose a student ambassador they feel is the best fit for them.

Each ambassador has a short description that provides information about their nationality, area of study, where they are studying, and their hobbies and interests.

After selecting the ambassador they feel fits them best, the prospective student can connect and chat IRL with the student ambassador to learn more about Tasmania and to gain as much information as possible to help them make their study choice.

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