Version 1.0

Effective from 1 January 2018

This policy details the process and rules regarding commissions for Sofiri Contractors.

1. Commission Rates

  • Commission rates are published in the Experts section of Sofiri’s intranet and may vary between Education Providers (EP) and courses.

  • EPs may change the success fees paid to Sofiri at any time and therefore Sofiri reserves the right to make changes unilaterally to this Policy as required. The date of the change will be clearly displayed in the intranet.

  • Commissions will be calculated based on the applicable commission rate at the time a valid application for commission is received from a Contractor.
  • Commission rates are exclusive of Australian GST or any international goods and services or value added tax that may be applicable.
  • Commission rates vary from provider to provider and course to course; they usually set between 3% and 15%. Detailed information is available in the Sofiri platform to approved education experts.

2. Commission Payments

  • Commissions will be paid within 10 business days of a success fee being received from an EP by Sofiri.
  • Where an EP does not pay a success fee to Sofiri, no commission will be payable to a Contractor under any circumstances.
  • If an EP reduces the success fee paid to Sofiri for any reason (such as channel conflict where two agents have supported a student) then, Sofiri will use the reduced success fee to calculate the Contractor commission.
  • When commission is payable, Sofiri will notify the Contractor and provide a recipient created tax invoice (RCTI) detailing the services for which commission is payable, the method of calculation and when the transfer of funds will take place.
  • Where the Contractor Agreement is terminated by either party, and the Contractor is not in breach of the Contractor Agreement, Sofiri will pay the Contractor commission where Sofiri receives a success fee for any student that has received confirmation of enrolment from an EP prior to the date of termination.

3. General

  • The payment of commission in any month or year does not guarantee, or entitle the Contractor to, the payment of commission in future months or years.
  • Sofiri at all times retains the absolute discretion to vary, alter, amend or remove the Commission Policy.