This correction policy has the purpose of specifying and regulating the methods applied for the correction and updating of any material, content, and information provided through the website


As we have already stated in the Fact-Checking Policy, the firm verifies and validates any content, material, and information before uploading them into our website. In any case, the mentioned content may contain errors, imperfections, or misleading data. We encourage our users to notify us promptly if they encounter in errors, obsolete, or misleading content by sending a message through the contact form reachable at


Users and employees shall be encouraged to participate actively in policy and procedure development. During this correction-based process, new and revised policies and procedures proposals shall be distributed to department heads of the areas most affected by the policy and procedure. In this sense, once we will have received notifications about imperfections, errors, presence of obsolete data, or misleading content from end-users, we will analyse and eventually modify the mentioned information/material by applying the required modifications.