Education Counselling in Portuguese: Education Experts in Profile

Who you ask for guidance is an important part of your search for the perfect degree, diploma, or English language course. Not only do you need to make sure that you’re speaking with your education counsellor in a language that you’re comfortable with – it’s also nice to know that they understand where you’ve come from. Speaking with education experts who understand your employment opportunities both in Australia and your home country can even give you a leg up when you graduate.

So we’ve featured two of our (many) experts who can provide you with education counselling in Portuguese. From Victoria to New South Wales and Western Australia, they each have a unique approach to education counselling. We spoke with them to find out more about how they can help you on your study journey.

Lucia Zabaleta from Sydney

Lucia Zabaleta, Education Counselling with Sofiri

“I was born in Brazil”, says Ms. Zabaleta. “My first trip overseas was to Australia when I was 22. Until then, I’d never event taken a flight. Needless to say, coming here to study and live was a huge deal for me.”

Today, Ms. Zabaleta has lived in Australia for five years. “Coming here meant that I learned a new language, travelled the continent, and completed a Diploma and a Bachelor degree.

“I can only say that Australia has changed my life.”

Her advice for aspiring international students? “There are a huge amount of professional opportunities that you can find here. If you’re thinking about coming to Australia to study, don’t think twice  – just do it!”

Benjamin Croft from Melbourne

Benjamin Croft, Education Counselling with Sofiri

Benjamin Croft has travelled the world. He’s lived in Italy and Brazil, and he speaks both English and Portuguese. He’s worked with international students as a teacher, career consultant, and a student learning advisor, and with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Here at Sofiri, we’re chuffed that today, Mr. Croft works with us as one of our Education Experts.

“I grew up in Melbourne”, Mr. Croft tells us. “The city of AFL (Australian Football). I’ve found Australia to be a wonderful place to grow up because of our relaxed and open way of life. In my opinion, Australian culture is all about helping people out.

The education system here is of the utmost level. I studied here from primary school all the way through to university, and I felt that the approach to learning here prioritises critical thinking, and being challenged.”

Advice for international students

Mr. Croft has over six years of experience in the education industry, beginning as a Student Learning Advisor with an Australian university, and extending to roles with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Careers Australia, and as an English teacher.

Having worked in the industry for a long time, Mr. Croft is extremely well-placed to help guide and counsel future international students.

“When they’re choosing what to study, I tell my students to ask themselves: How will this course help me push my career forward? What can I learn from this course that I haven’t learned before? What kind of reputation does this educational provider have?”

As an Australian and expert in the international education field, Mr. Croft has plenty of advice for aspiring students.

“If you are willing to work and study hard, you can achieve anything you want. I know many international students who have arrived and picked up work within a week or two.

“What you need to remember is that progress comes in steps. The first step will always be the hardest, but once you’re on a roll your possibilities will be endless.”

You can speak with Benjamin Croft or Lucia Zabaleta to get guidance on your study options in Australia now. Our Education Experts are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the education industry today.

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