The Best Courses For Scoring Australian Residency

Think about your last big decision. We’re going to take an educated guess that you didn’t just make it blindly. You probably spent a significant amount of time researching, reading, and weighing your options. You didn’t decide to come here to study a course after seeing just one Tourism Australia commercial, right? And we’re willing to bet that once you did decide you’d come here to study, you made the right decisions to help you achieve your goal.

The same can be said for scoring Australian residency. If that’s what you want, you need to start making decisions that align with that goal.

There are tonnes of decisions you can make to help you improve your chances of scoring residency. One of those, is the decision about what course you’ll study at university in Australia.

Because as it turns out, studying some courses are more likely than others to give you a leg up with your application. So if you’d like to stay in Australia once your studies are over think about studying a course in one of these disciplines.

1. The clear winner: Engineering and IT

Gaining a qualification in Engineering or IT is our number one pick. A degree in this discipline may really give you a leg up in your permanent residency application.

The reason? History! Most graduates from this discipline who apply for permanent residency, have successfully received it.

It makes sense that Engineering and IT graduates are successful in their applications because many industries are crying out for them. And, as the world becomes more connected and dependent on technology, countries like Australia are only going to become more reliant on experts in this field.

Some courses you can study within this discipline include the University of Tasmania’s Master in Information Technology and Systems (open to graduates of any discipline), or Victoria University Sydney’s Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems).

If you’re looking for an undergraduate degree, consider James Cook University’s Bachelor of Information Technology.

2. Coming up second: Hospitality and Cooking Services

Australia boasts a large and flourishing tourism industry. It continues to need people who are prepared to help tourists enjoy their journey, and to market the holiday opportunities here.

We’re also a multicultural country steadily becoming known in the culinary scene. As a result, there are enormous career opportunities for those who can offer a unique, international perspective. These are just a few reasons that hospitality, tourism, and cookery, are industries well worth studying. Not to mention that they could give you a boost in your permanent residency application.

Get inspired by what you could study in this discipline, by taking a look at the University of Southern Queensland’s Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing and Hospitality Management).

3. Competitive for a reason: Medicine, Healthcare and Nursing

Healthcare and all the services related to it are always in demand in Australia. Better yet, they also tend to pay well. In fact, this industry is one of the best in the world in terms of guaranteed demand for professionals (we all get sick, right)! However, that also means it’s a competitive discipline to get a study placement in.

If you haven’t considered it before, do some research into whether you find alternative medicine an attractive study option. It’s an up-and-coming trend in medicine across the globe.

We recommend starting your research by reading about the medical programs offered by James Cook University in Queensland. Another option we recommend is the Diploma of Remedial Massage offered by the Australian Learning Group in Sydney.

4. A leading Australian discipline: Education and Training

Many international students choose to study education in Australia, because we’re known for boasting an excellent education system. It has, in fact, been ranked world-class in a number of studies.

Our high rankings may be a result of strong federal investment in education and training. The sector has also been constantly improving its teaching methods and the training of its professionals.

If this discipline takes your fancy, consider  finding out more about Alphacrucis College in Parramatta, New South Wales. Alphacrucis College is a leading Australasian Christian college with offerings in both a Bachelor of Education (Primary), and a Master of Teaching (Secondary).

5. Old ye faithful: Accountancy, Trading and Finance

This one’s always mentioned in any discussion about gaining permanent residency in Australia.

Accountants, finance experts, and trading professionals continue to appear on the list of eligible skilled occupations, although it should be noted that in some states of Australia, supply of accounting graduates is beginning to meet demand.

If this is a discipline that you’re seriously considering, we recommend researching more about the caveats associated with permanent residency applications made in the skilled accountancy occupation category.

Our top pick for courses in this discipline are Macleay College’s Bachelor of Business (Accounting), and the University of Tasmania’s Master of Professional Accounting (Specialisation).

Permanent residency application requirements

Ready to take your self-guided research on migration to Australia to the next level? You should know that the migration advice can only be delivered by registered migration agents. You can search and find a registered migration agent to help you on the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs website.

Now, what we’re about to tell you next is very important. As a student living in Australia, you will need to meet the following requirements in order to even be eligible to apply for permanent residency. You’ll need to:

  • Study a CRICOS-approved course
  • Have studied for at least two years, full time
  • Meet ANZCO job descriptions
  • Apply for permanent residency within six months after completing your study
  • Meet the government’s stipulated skills, qualifications and English language requirements.

Whoa, that’s a lot of information.

Advice on what you’re eligible to study across all universities and colleges in the country, as well as the scholarships that you may be likely to receive, is certainly available.

With an expert in education, you can understand all of this and more – and even get help with your study application AND visa.

Get free course counselling now. Just click on the button to sign up.

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  1. Dear
    I have one question. I am International student on going to Altec College and I am studying in business management. Can I get Permanente Resistance in Australia? How can I get PR?
    Kindly Regard

    1. Hi Ahdee, thanks for your question, you will need to speak to a migration agent to understand your case, if you become a student with us, we can offer you a free migration agent consultation. To become a student with us and help you with this, please register with our expert Carly Bowden here

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