Challenging the status quo of the international student recruitment industry

So many industries have been transformed by technology, from the music to the home video rental service, to the taxi and the accommodation business. Similarly, the international student recruitment industry has taken longer to mature.

These days, it is unacceptable for an education provider not to have a CRM or an online application system. That is on the back of many years in which this industry has been run by practices that minimise all risk and which see it continue to be the same as it was twenty years ago. Examples include the use of recruitment events as a critical way of doing marketing communications, or the printing of thousands of brochures, and operation of low technology frameworks such as emails and spreadsheets.

As we work to guide prospective international students through to their new lives and educational journeys, we understand that every single student success story is an enormous achievement. We understand that many people influenced or assisted in this process, that some worked hard to reach what they wanted, and that many out there should be better rewarded for their efforts.

For the last 24 months, we have been working together to create a space where results-driven professionals in international student recruitment receive what they deserve.

What do they deserve?

•  Flexibility: to work when they want to, from wherever they want

•  Income: to receive the financial remuneration that they have earned, and

•  Rewards: to earn more when they perform better

What is the opportunity?

The space we have created and that we call Sofiri is a revolutionary approach to our industry. It’s the simple idea of facilitating the match between Education Experts (individuals) and prospective international students.

We are a new way of thinking about international student recruitment, and we’re looking for Education Experts who have the skills to assist future students in their journey.

We are looking for individuals who can operate independently, possess high-level industry knowledge and most importantly, care about guiding prospective international students.

In exchange, we will provide a platform and our knowledge in marketing, to drive the most qualified prospective students to Sofiri for Education Experts to engage with. There is huge earning potential.

For international student recruitment and marketing professionals out there who are:

•  looking for a time-flexible opportunity,

•  seeking a part-time and work-from-home opportunity, or

•  interested in ‘testing the waters’ for now, and earning extra income with Sofiri as a side hustle

we can begin working together through a process that starts right here, right now. Let us know that you’d like to join us as an Education Expert by signing up now for our application process.

Sofiri is a free platform and end-to-end experience, where aspiring international students can get the advice they need. Not only does Sofiri offer an easily accessible space for aspiring international students and Education Experts, or counsellors, to connect – it also provides 100% transparency.

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