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Congratulations! You’re a real-deal Sofiri Education Expert. You’ve got a whole superstar team right here behind you, a website that’s been specifically designed to support your work, and an entire marketing crew cheering you right through to the finish line. You, my friend, have been set up to succeed!

In addition to busting our chops over here to make sure that you have everything you need to be the most successful Education Expert around town, we’ve set you up with your own branded email address.

You need to take notice of your new email address, because it shows the world that you’re a pro at what you do. It genuinely matters that you conduct your business conversations using it, if you want to be taken seriously.

Not only that – your new email address is a key piece in the overall branding puzzle. This is the piece of the puzzle which completes the overall branding big-picture for Sofiri. And if there’s one thing we’re proud of here at Sofiri, it’s that we’re team players.

So hop on board, and give your new career the tools it deserves with your snazzy email address!

Still not convinced? Here’s three more key benefits.

  • Its a winning strategy for great first impressions

Out there, in the big bad Internet world, there’s malware, scams, and spam at every click. We’ve all learned to keep an eye on details to make sure we’re not being duped.

When an email is sent from the Sofiri domain name, it demonstrates that you’re part of an established brand. Your sofiri.experts email address adds to your credibility and trustworthiness from that very first email communication. It’s proof that you’re not a random spammer – and it can save you from immediate inbox deletion.

Research also solidly supports the use of branded emails as an exercise in trust. A recent Verisign survey showed that 65 percent of consumers believed a company-branded email was more credible for a business professional than using a free email account (like Gmail, or Hotmail).

  • Youll win points for professionalism

 Have you ever received a business email from a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, or any other free provider – like or similar? If you shook your head and laughed when you saw it, you’re not the only one.

In today’s day and age, we don’t have an excuse for an unprofessional online presence.

While the Sofiri team work behind the scenes in branding and marketing, you need to do your part by strengthening the associations between your email communications and the Sofiri website. Drive it home even more by using the Sofiri email signature with your title, the Sofiri logo, links to the site and links to our social channels.

  • Actually achieve your work-life balance goals!

You cannot be all about business, all the time. We don’t want you to be! Life is also about family, friends, and spending time wherever else that matters to you.

So keep these segments of your life separate, by using email addresses to separate your personal and work lives into organised and distinct compartments.

Simply arrange your inbox so that your personal emails arrive in an entirely different inbox from your professional one. Then, switch on and off as you need.

This’ll allow you to focus on the business at hand while you’re working – and common sense indicates that your productivity is going to increase when you’re not being distracted by those steady flow of cat GIF emails from your little sister.

Here’s how to get it done 

Automatic Configuration

We’ve made it easy for you, by listing the email clients that you may like to set up your new email address on. Simply log in to and click the blue hyperlinked text next to your email client. For example, if you use an iPad or iPhone, you can automatically set up your new email address by selecting the blue hyperlinked text:

Below is an example on how to automatically configure your new email address on Mail for Mac.

Mail for Mac

  1. This one’s simple! Just click on the blue hyperlinked text (‘IMAP over SSL/TLS’) alongside the email client that you use.You’ll know whether your computer uses the ‘‘Lion’ (10.7+)’ or ‘’Pre-Lion’ (10.4+)’ version, by clicking on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your computer, and selecting ‘About this Mac’. Your version will be clearly indicated.
  2. You’ll be displayed with the following pop-up. Click ‘proceed’.
  3. Open the downloaded ZIP file. Click ‘open’ when prompted.
  4. Then select to ‘run’ the script.Your new email address is now automatically set-up in Mail for Mac!

iOS Email APP – iOS Manual configuration

Mail Client Manual Settings

If your email client isn’t in the automatic configuration list once you’ve logged in to, you can configure it yourself. Don’t worry, this isn’t difficult to do!

Below is GIF of how you can use your new sofiri.experts email alongside your personal Gmail account.


Simply follow the steps of the next GIF or download the PDF version and follow the instructions clicking here.

sofiri email for educaion experts

Using your email address is an important part of your day-to-day communications for work. It’s a simple, important detail in presenting yourself as a trustworthy professional that you are.

Native Email APP – Manual Configuration

Email Signature

Feel free to copy and paste the email signature below and add it to any email client you want to use. Do change the email address and mobile number!

First name Last name
Sofiri Education Expert
e: / m: +61 4 XX XXX XXX

Facebook Linkedin Twitter Instagram Youtube Weibo Youku

Sofiri Pty Limited

Sofiri Logo

Sofiri Pty Limited – Confidential Communication
The information contained in this e-mail is confidential.
It is intended for the addressee only. If you receive this e-mail by mistake please promptly inform us
by reply e-mail and then delete the e-mail and destroy any printed copy. You must not disclose or use
in any way the information in the e-mail. There is no warranty that this e-mail is error or virus free.
It may be a private communication and if so, does not represent the views of Sofiri Pty Ltd and its associates.
If it is a private communication, care should be taken in opening it to ensure that undue offence is not given.

Get started now! Log in to now.

  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation on how to set up the email address. However, there is nothing mentioned for the many Android users like me. It turned out, I couldn’t setup the email with Outlook for Mobile, but once I used the default email app for Android and followed the manual configuration instructions, it was quite easy.
    Also, there is a typo in the default signature provided. It says e-mal instead of e-mail in the following line: If you receive this e-mail by mistake please promptly inform us
    by reply e-mail and then delete the e-mal and destroy any printed copy.
    A suggestion for exoerts is to use Grammarly to avoid common grammatical errors and typos while dealing with students.

  2. Thanks for the detailed instructions for setting up the email. However, automatic setup instructions aren’t provided for Android users, which was a bit surprising to me. Anyway, it wasn’t hard to do the setup on Android’s default email app following the manual configuration instructions.

    On a different note, there is a typo in the email signature provided: “If you receive this e-mail by mistake please promptly inform us
    by reply e-mail and then delete the e-mal and destroy any printed copy.” – this line has a missing “i” from the word e-mail. I hope whoever is copying this signature is also fixing this mistake as it would be very unprofessional to have the same mistake in everyone’s signature [though no one actually reads that part of the signature :)]. To avoid such mistakes and typos, I recommend using Grammarly which is quick in pointing out simple typos that happen to all of us.

    Happy emailing!

    1. Hi Maimuna. Thanks for noticing the typo. We’ll be correcting it shortly.
      Unfortunately, the automatic setup instructions are given by the email provider, but, we will recommend to their support team to update it.
      Sofiri Team

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