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Sofiri is a shared-economy online platform where aspiring international students can connect with experts in education.

With Sofiri, education experts offer aspiring students:

  • Tailored counselling to assist with the selection of an appropriate tertiary course
  • Application services, where experts apply to tertiary education providers on behalf of students, and
  • Assistance with visa applications to relevant international education destinations

Sofiri represents a new way of thinking about recruiting for education, by effectively allowing prospective students to connect with education counselling service providers (i.e. education experts), whenever and wherever they are. 


Who we are not

  • We are not an education agency
  • We are not a course-search or a course comparison website
  • We are not a careers counselling website
  • We are not education consultants or a university admissions consultancy

Our education experts are independently operating individuals

Our education experts are individuals who operate independently and who need to undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet mandatory requirements. This is to ensure Sofiri experts possess high-level industry knowledge and skills to guide prospective international students through course selection, application, offer acceptance and visa application.

What is our secret ingredient

Our service is part of the business phenomenon that is transforming industries and challenging traditional business ideas across the globe.

  • An in-language platform that uses geo-location to provide review based education expert connections.
  • A fully transparent system with 360-degree visibility for education providers.
  • An automated part of the journey that will reduce counselling time to experts.

Prospective students choose Sofiri because

100% free to use

Sofiri is a free platform and service. An aspiring international student will never need to give us their credit card, banking details, or go through any other payment method.

Expert advice they can trust

Student can see a profile snapshot for each of our experts, including a description of their experience working in the education sector, and ratings from other students on the quality of their advice.

A journey that’s theirs alone

The guidance students receive will be tailored specifically for them. Do they want to study in a city with a bustling nightlife or a quiet country town? We will make sure they get the outcomes they need.

Our rating system

Student’s input helps us ensure every Sofiri experience is the best it can possibly be. The feedback they provide us is used to build our ‘star’ rating system, which builds the foundations of the Sofiri community.

Education experts choose to work with Sofiri because

Huge earning potential

Receive what they deserve for the quality of their work. The better expertise they provide aspiring students with, the more they can earn.

Loads of opportunity

Their profile is available online 24/7, so all they need to do is sit back and relax as they wait for aspiring students to reach out to them.

Work on their own terms

With Sofiri experts can begin work when it suits them, and knock-off whenever they want. Setting their own schedule means they can create a perfect work-life balance.

Build a reputation

The quality of their guidance will be rated by the students, and listed on their profiles. The only person responsible for expert success is themselves.

Make a difference

Experts are making a genuine impact on aspiring students and their advice will help guide their futures.

Sofiri online platform offers a modern and digital approach customised for millennials

If you have what it takes to be an education expert, register here https://www.sofiri.com/expert

If you want true advice by experts and not someone trying to sell you courses, start here https://www.sofiri.com/student

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