CSU Study Centres relief bursary for students located within and outside Australia

CSU Study Centres are currently offering a bursary to onshore and offshore students. Their tuition fees are already affordable, and with this bursary, you won’t hesitate to apply now.

CSU delivers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Business, Accounting, Project Management and Information Technology to international students at the CSU Study Centres located in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

How much?

The bursary is up to $10,800 AUD for offshore students, and is distributed over 7 subjects. It is offered based on academic performance.

Onshore students will be offered up to $13,300 AUD, which is for $1900 AUD per subject, up to 7 subjects

The bursary amount for three subjects can be deducted from 1st-semester fees, and you can pay one subject first to secure conditional eCOE and the remaining amount to be paid by instalments.


This offer applies to students confirming their offer to study an undergraduate degree commencing 1 March 2021. To secure the bursary you must accept your offer to study by 29 January 2021.

Eligibility for an academic merit scholarship includes,

  • 2.2 GPA / 55% or higher in your Bachelor degree to receive AU $4000, plus COVID-19 Relief Fund of AUD $2800,
  • 2.4 GPA / 60% or higher in your Bachelor degree to receive AU $6,000, plus COVID-19 Relief Fund of AUD $2800 and
  • 2.6 GPA / 65% or higher in your Bachelor degree to receive AU $8,000, plus COVID-19 Relief Fund of AUD $2800.

In the case of India, Punjab and Haryana the eligibilty for an academic merit scholarship includes,

  • 3.0 GPA / 75% or higher from State Board Certificate or
  • 2.8 GPA / 70% from Central Board Certificate.

How to apply?

You only have to apply over Sofiri and make sure you’re education expert knows you’re looking for this bursary, and then they’ll explain to you what to do next.

Why you will love CSU Study Centres?

At Charles Sturt University Study Centres, they pride themselves on providing hands-on, practical courses that prepare you for a range of exciting employment opportunities. With a degree from Charles Sturt University, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to succeed in your professional career and the confidence to tackle any challenges.

Want more?

For more information about the scholarships offered by CSU Study Centres, or their courses and start an application, you just have to register and match with an education expert to guide you and resolve any concerns you might have, as well as advise you for free even in your visa process.

And the best of all? Using Sofiri is completely free. If you accept an offer at a university or college, you will pay the same fees as if you were going directly to a university. You can start right now by clicking on the next button.

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