An Experts Guide to Assessing Applications in Sofiri

The key to the success of getting a student enrolled in an Australian or New Zealand education provider is ensuring students meet the Genuine Temporary Entrance (GTE) requirements and the quality of the application. This can often be down to something as simple as providing clear documents – you’d be surprised how may students submit documents that cannot even be read!

This is a simple guideline on how to assess student documents once they have been uploaded in Sofiri.

Key things to check when assessing an application


  1. Certified or not
  2. Photo is clear
  3. Clear writing
  4. Colour copy
  5. Scan not photo

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  1. Check educational and employment history
    • GAPS in history/last job to now
    • Makes sense with course applying for – is there an obvious career progression
  2. Check grammar
  3. Check presentation


  1. Clarity of print
  2. Official documents are certified
  3. Name and DOB matches passport
  4. Nationality is consistent
  5. Check against CV
  6. Check grades are consistent with entry requirements to the course


  1. Copy is clear
  2. Consistent with entry requirements (Expert to recommend English Course if does not meet entry).

GTE Form:

Refer to: What is the Meaning of a Genuine Temporary Entrant

  1. Funding is sufficient/have a sponsor
    • Course fee is correct
    • Living cost is set by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) as $20,200 per year. Is the travel cost realistic?
  2. No reference to working in Australia – purpose is for study only.
  3. Advise when returning home

Statement of Purpose

Refer to: How to write a Statement of Purpose

  1. Check list

Students can write this using Microsoft Word or any other similar application. Should try to shape Statement of Purpose around these questions:

  1. Why have you chosen the target country, e.g. Australia or New Zealand as a study destination?
  2. Why have you applied to this particular education provider?
  3. If you’ve had any gaps between your education and employment, can you explain why?
  4. How do you believe the course you have applied for will increase your chances of employment in your home country?
  5. When do you intend to return to your home country?

Useful link:

Making an Application with Sofiri – a student’s guide

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