Invest in Yourself: Frances Genenncher, Expert In Profile

Frances is an experienced and highly motivated Education Agent and Mindset Coach, based in Perth, Western Australia. She brings an enthusiastic and compassionate approach to every aspect of her life, and loves to use her experience and enthusiasm to bring the best out in others through her mentoring and coaching programs.

Originally from Germany, near the city of Dresden, Frances studied a Bachelor in Business Administration, and was living in Hamburg when the urge to travel and see the world became too strong to ignore. She decided to take a trip around Australia with the intention of improving her business English. Thirteen years later and now completely fluent in the English language, she is still here!

After travelling to many places in Australia, Frances chose Perth as a place to live. Along with a really good feel for the city, the lifestyle, the weather and the spectacular beaches made it an easy choice for her. 

Frances Genenncher, education expert from Sofiri
"Perth is so different to any other city I’ve ever been to. Very laid back and with a fantastic sense of community. The easy going way here really resonates with me. Like me, the people here are interested in enjoying life above all else."

Frances Genenncher

In 2009 Frances went back to university to study her Masters in Human Resource Management at ECU in Perth.  After successfully completing her studies in 2010 she was head-hunted by the mining industry, where she launched her career in Human Resources.  Since this initial role, she has been fortunate to work in a number of different industries.  Currently, you will find Frances working in the public sector, coordinating the HR department of a government agency, and running major HR projects. She also mentors and coaches people, specialising in helping her clients to set achievable goals around their studies, career path, and personal development.

Frances still lives in Perth, but remains internationally active in her roles as Education Agent and Mindset Coach.

"I am very grateful to be living in one of the most amazing places on earth, and working on projects that really make an impact in the world and its people"

Frances Genenncher

Frances Genenncher, education expert from Sofiri
Sofiri: What is your personal experience of the Australian education system?

In 2009 I decided to invest in myself and I started the journey on my Masters in Human Resource Management as an international student. I studied full-time at ECU in Perth while working part-time. It was one of the best experiences of my life – challenging but super rewarding! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at university. I was fortunate to have outstanding lecturers there as well as lovely fellow students from all walks of life. The university life inspired me, provoked my thinking and actually gave me methods and techniques to use in practice.

Sofiri: Can you tell us about your work experience?

In my career here in Australia I have worked in many different industries and was fortunate to work with and for the most brilliant leaders. I’ve learned professional etiquette, the value of integrity and built my professional network.

Most of my work was in human resources with all its diversity from recruitment, on-boarding, through to performance management and remuneration – the entire employee life-cycle. On top of this I have managed projects and worked with various HR systems and their implementation and integration. Making processes more efficient is one of my specialities.

Now I am also in the wonderful position to help students all over the world to experience time abroad. Everybody who works with me in either my capacity as education expert, mentor or coach, is contributing to scholarship funding for aspiring students in developing countries. Your decision to work with me will therefore be helping another less fortunate student, who would never be able to afford to study abroad otherwise.

Sofiri: What are some important questions aspiring students should ask themselves before they select a course and educational provider?

What does success mean to you? What do you want to achieve in life? What problems can you help to solve and what skills do you require to do so?

It is important to find out first what interests you, what suits your innate abilities and what is required in the future. Be willing to move forward before making major decisions regarding your future and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is your future after all.

Sofiri: What’s your favourite beach in Australia?

My favourite beach is Clayton Beach which is in the North of Perth, and I consider myself very privileged to live very close to it. There is also Scarborough Beach which I regularly visit during the summer, not necessarily for swimming though but for dancing at the amphitheatre right there at the beach which is absolutely magical!

Sofiri: What is it about the Australian weather that you like?

Australian cities are extremely fortunate that they have sunshine all year around. I’m from Perth and it is one of the best cities to live in, because of its fantastic weather – ideal for outdoor lovers, especially water sport friends.

Sofiri: What is it about Australian people and culture that you like?

I really appreciate the friendliness and the plain readiness to help others. There is a great sense of community around. The sense of community is even stronger the more you move outside of the big cities. 

Sofiri: What’s your favourite Australian food? Do you remember trying it for the first time? Or do you remember introducing it to someone from overseas?

I love roasted pumpkin! The first time I came across it was here in Australia. So easy to prepare, but so good – especially with gravy and potatoes!

Sofiri: How do you think safety in Australia compares to overseas/elsewhere?

I come from Germany and grew up feeling safe pretty much anywhere I went. And I can say nothing has changed for me in this regard. I actually don’t even think about this very much, because it is just so normal to me.

Sofiri: In what ways do you appreciate the Australian quality of life?

I love the fact that you can actually live here with very little, and at the same time you can live a life of abundance. The dominant mindset of embracing the unique lifestyle that Australia has to offer, and living each day to its fullest, is a wonderful way of looking at life.

Sofiri: Tell us anything else you’d like to share, about what’s great about studying abroad!

The best thing about studying abroad is the fact that you will expand your horizons and grow as a person. You create a citizen of the world mindset, which is essential to being competitive in the global employment market.

Sofiri: Tell us anything else you’d like to share with prospective students who may like to embark on their journey with you.

I can’t wait to see my students prosper by learning about new ways of life and about themselves. There is so much growth involved when going to another country to live and study and that is extremely exciting! I will be there as a mentor and coach to help guide my students through any challenges that they may encounter, as well as to answer any questions that they might have along the way. I work online which is easy and very convenient – Australia is a big place after all!!

There are many benefits to having an education expert like me on side. I can offer coaching on strengths and potential, help with the search for the right education provider, and provide support with application documentation and student visa applications.

education expert Frances Genenncher
Chat with Sofiri Education Expert, Frances Genenncher, now about your study options in Australia. Whether you’re considering an English language course, bachelor degree, master’s degree, or PhD research, Sofiri is a free and convenient way to find out what you’re eligible to study. Our Education Experts are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the education industry today.

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