Getting Certified: Become a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC)

At Sofiri, quality education guidance is the primary pillar of our service. In that spirit, we’re pleased to announce that we are providing our Education Experts full certification reimbursement for the QEAC certification component of the Education Agent Training Course.

Education Agent Training Course Review

For Education Experts seeking to up-skill, Sofiri strongly recommends the Education Agent Training Course (EATC).

Developed in consultation with the Department of Home Affairs and Australian Education International (AEI), the course content focuses on the Australian education system and Australia as a study destination. Importantly, the course will assist you in understanding the dynamic nature of international education and it’s continual developments.

The Education Agent Training Course itself is free, entirely online and self-paced. The four key areas covered include:

  • Australia, the AQF and Career Trends (AQF)
  • Legislation and Regulations (REG)
  • Working Effectively in International Education (WEF), and
  • Professional Standards and Ethics (ETH)

Expect to see readings, self-assessment tasks, case studies, and self-paced tutorial exercises, as part of the course delivery. It’ll take you around 50 hours (at a minimum) to complete.

The QEAC Certification Exam

Become a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC)

Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEACs) are listed on the publicly-available QEAC database, and Education Experts who hold this certification will also have a badge included on their Sofiri profile for students to see. More than 4,300 QEACs globally are currently recruiting international students for Australia.

Not only is the QEAC a qualification you can use in your personal professional development – include it on your LinkedIn profile and your CV, for example – it will also affect how highly Sofiri’s algorithms will place you in students’ search results for Education Experts.

Ultimately, the qualification is a demonstration of your professionalism to your prospective student clients, their parents, and to other Australian educational providers.

While the EATC course is free to study, the Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC) Certification Exam comes at a cost of AU$400.

How Sofiri will help

At Sofiri, we’re pleased to support you along your journey of continual learning and up-skilling. Our first suggestion is that you begin studying the free, online, and self-paced EATC course now.

We are also pleased to offer reimbursement of the QEAC Exam cost for Experts who recruit at least five students in their work with us, and include Sofiri as the organisation they represent in the Pier database.

While this is not a compulsory component of Education Expert training, we do hope that you choose to up-skill and begin studying the EATC course now (and working towards your QEAC certification!), risk-free.

Do you have any questions? Contact our National Experts Manager for more information.

    1. Hi Mamata, the QEAC certification exam is at a cost of AU$400. You will need to pay this if you want the qualification, the course content is available for free.

  1. hello mam i have completed QEAC exam and also attained certificate. can you tell me what is the next process after this certificate?

    1. Hi Malika, next step is for you to apply to become a Sofiri Education expert, start the process here when completing your profile, make sure to upload a copy of your passport and add your Linkedin profile.

    1. Hi Mustaga, if you want to become a Sofiri expert, head to and register, please complete all your details!

      This certification is recommended, however we have our own training available at

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