Sofiri has secured funding to build next-generation international future student recruitment platform

We’re excited to announce that has secured seed funding from Cumberland Discretionary Trust (CDT) among others. This round will continue the development of the Sofiri platform, which seeks to offer a new approach to the international student recruitment industry by enabling experts in education to connect with prospective students directly through the purpose-built shared economy platform.

“I’m thrilled to announce that Cumberland Discretionary Trust is leading the first round of seed funding in Sofiri, an online platform that is truly revolutionising the international education industry”, says CDT’s Trustee. “We’re proud to be joined also by other investors, as we bring together our expertise in the education sector at both professional and academic levels to guide Sofiri through to success. Founded just 26 months ago, Sofiri is already radically changing how future international students seek guidance on their educational opportunities in Australia.”

Sofiri officially launched its application in December 2017, has had close to 200 Education Expert applications in Australia only, and anticipates strong future student demand. Founder, George Hernandez, has said that the funding will facilitate expansion of Sofiri’s reach to prospective international onshore students in Australia and other South East Asian countries.

“With Sofiri, the future international student journey can be managed entirely online as students receive fully tailored guidance from enquiry through to enrolment. To bring this process fully online with sophisticated automation elements, and with the student experience at the forefront of platform design, is an unprecedented step forward for this industry.” – George Hernandez, Sofiri Founder.

How to revolutionise the prospective international student journey with Sofiri

Since its inception in 2016, Sofiri’s mission has been to digitise the future international student journey. Built with functions to integrate with educational institution processes, the application provides full transparency for all stakeholders at each stage of the future student lifecycle.

The main advantage of using Sofiri over traditional education agencies is its simplified stakeholder journeys. With a single user interface for future students, Education Experts, and educational institutions alike, each party is digitally connected in a single space to provide a host of benefits and real-time updates.

Sofiri’s key differentiators are:

  • It’s in-language platform, that leverages geo-location functions to provide Education Expert listings which are fully personalised to the future student user
  • A business model that shares financial benefits directly with Education Experts
  • A fully transparent platform and back-end system with 360-degree visibility for education providers
  • Automated elements of the future student journey, to increase efficiencies for future students, Education Experts, and educational institutions

The Road Ahead

Sofiri is launching for future student users in March 2018, and will be released with qualified and skilled Education Experts from across Australia included in the platform’s database public listing.

Last month, Sofiri also received a grant from the NSW Government. Not only does the funding provided propel forward the innovative solution offered by Sofiri to address the clear market gap and industry need at hand – it also offers a demonstration of state government support for the company.

“We’re talking about the beginning of a new way of working in this industry altogether.

Sofiri’s commitment to driving the international education sector forward through the shared economy business model afforded by modern digital technology is only matched by our commitment to ensure the personal and human touch necessary in educational guidance remains core to our business. George Hernandez, Founder Sofiri. 

If you’re passionate about the international education industry and would like to talk with us further, please contact Sofiri here.

About George Hernandez

George Hernandez is the Founder and CEO of An international recruitment and marketing expert with more than a decade of experience in the Australasian, European, and Pan-American markets, George has worked with several of the world’s leading educational institutions. His current focus is on the intersection of digital technologies and the traditional international student recruitment processes.


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