Learn about study in Tasmania from student ambassadors

If you’re currently considering where you might go to undertake your international studies, Tasmania, Australia’s most southern state, should be top of your list.

With its world-class educational offerings, incredible natural beauty, friendly and welcoming local people, and vibrant lifestyle and culture, Tasmania offers an international study experience like no other.

And it’s easy to find out most of what you need to know about studying and living in Tasmania online at Study Tasmania.

Study Tasmania is a Tasmanian government initiative focused on supporting international students currently studying in Tasmania, while also offering the opportunity to “unlock the future” of prospective international students considering Tasmania as their study destination.

Utilising best-in-practice technology and a range of highly effective strategies to ensure it reaches prospective international students from around the globe, Study Tasmania provides these prospective students with accurate, authentic information about what it’s like to live and study in Tasmania.

And it’s not just aimed at university-level students.

Study Tasmania covers a range of study options, from secondary schooling to vocational training to tertiary study.

Virtual tours on the Study Tasmania website give prospective international students the opportunity to get a taste of Tasmania before they arrive. They can explore the capital, Hobart, or one of Tasmania’s major rural and university towns, Launceston, while also learning more about the University of Tasmania and Tasmanian government schools.

But there is so much more to this little “apple isle”, as Tasmania is often called, with endless opportunities to explore the pristine nature and vibrant urban life on offer across the state.

However, perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Study Tasmania initiative is Study Tasmania Connect.

This cutting-edge, technologically advanced platform connects new and prospective students with Student Ambassadors.

These ambassadors are international students currently undertaking studies in Tasmania who are keen to share their experiences with prospective students.

By providing an objective opinion on how their Tasmanian study experience is currently going, the ambassadors help prospective students considering Tasmania as a study option to make a well-informed decision before embarking upon their education journey in Tasmania.

Let’s meet some of them…

Dhiren Chadha


Dhiren is from India and is currently studying community service in Tasmania.

A sports enthusiast, studying in Tasmania has helped him further build his passion for both sport and community service via various projects and volunteering activities.

Dhiren has a positive and powerful message for all prospective students.

“Tasmania is a place that allows you to be your authentic self, encourages you and supports you to pursue your dreams. So, follow your dreams, be yourself and love what you’re doing. We are here to support you.”

Sue Smosinski

Sue hails from Brazil and has been living in Australia for seven years.

Currently studying a Master’s of Social Work at University of Tasmania, Sue describes her experience in Tasmania in glowing terms.


I am extremely happy to be living in a unique place like nipaluna/lutruwita (Hobart/Tasmania), where I have wallabies as neighbours and a live painting every time I look at the view from my balcony. Studying at the University of Tasmania has introduced me to amazing colleagues and lecturers as well.”

Rishini Dias


From Sri Lanka, Rishini moved to Tasmania in 2019 to pursue her Bachelor of Business at the University of Tasmania.

Tasmania has presented Rishini with numerous opportunities to step outside her comfort zone and discover her true potential, believing it has turned her into a better version of herself!

What captures Rishini most about Tasmania?

“Apart from the beautiful skies and awe-inspiring nature, my favourite thing about Tasmania is its lovely community. The people are always welcoming and willing to go out of their way to help a fellow member out, which makes it so much easier for international students like us to settle into an unknown environment. I was also fortunate to meet a group of people who makes Tassie feel like my home away from home and uni life the best three years of my life!”

Reshane Dias


Reshane is also from Sri Lanka and currently studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Finance and Accounting at the University of Tasmania.

According to Reshane, opportunities in Tasmania are limitless if you’re willing to explore them. Reshane has experienced it all, from playing rugby at the intercollege rugby tournament to exploring Tassie with his friends to interning at one of the world’s big four accounting firms.

Reshane is taken with Tasmania’s incredible natural environment.

“Tasmania is home to an unspoilt landscape and picturesque charm that will have you head over heels in love. Do you not believe me? jump on the next flight to Tasmania, and I guarantee that the endless number of attractions, incredible beaches and breath-taking views from the epic mountains will leave you speechless.”

Tina Cai


Tina is from China, currently in her final year of a Master’s of Teaching at the University of Tasmania.

Tasmania has presented Tina with a myriad of opportunities to embrace new things and to pursue her passion for teaching.

She also undertakes a variety of volunteering roles at UTAS CSSA, School of Education SELTC and Tasmanian MRC, helping the student cohort, new immigrants, refugees and a more extensive range of international community at large.

This volunteer and community work has given Tina an amazing insight into life and herself.

“Working voluntarily in these roles has allowed me to eventually find my inner self, better understand my strengths, weaknesses, goals and motivations and achieve my inner peace. Now, I feel confident and ready to face all other future challenges and explore all possibilities ahead!”

Levanya De


Levanya is from Sri Lanka, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Business Economics and Finance at UTAS.

Her experience in Tasmania has been incredibly rewarding, and outside of study she is pursuing her love for dance through various cultural events, attending concert programs and is working towards career advancement through interning at one of the biggest Tasmanian governments organisations.

What does Levanya love most about Tasmania?

“The scenic hidden treasures that are yet to be discovered and the many opportunities it has provided me with over the past two years! The people here are what makes this already beautiful island a welcoming and homely place to be (it’s almost as if being nice is a prerequisite to enter Tassie!) – and it makes being away from home a bit easier.”

 Kuluni Piumika


Kuluni is from Sri Lanka and is currently a PhD candidate at the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood (CSAW) at the University of Tasmania conducting interesting research on Tasmanian timber products.

How has Kuluni’s experience in Tasmania been so far?

“I enjoy the serenity in Tasmania which provides me with the best environment to conduct my studies with a perfect balance. The luscious forests, fresh air, wildlife, the warmth of local cuisine and genuine people make Tasmania the perfect destination for a productive study and work life. This beautiful island-state is sure to provide a unique experience for every international student coming here to study, work and live. In my spare time, I love to explore the nature and make memories with my friends.”

Jessie Liu


Jessie is from China and is studying a Master’s of Professional Accounting at the University of Tasmania.

Jessie’s experience studying in Tasmania has been nothing short of extraordinary.

“Studying at the University of Tasmania gives me a great opportunity to discover my potential in the accounting field with the help of excellent lecturers and tutors. I have access to all kinds of resources and events to improve my language proficiency and networking confidence, as well as diving into the local community to meet friendly people and experience diverse cultures. I would say moving to Tasmania is a decision that I do not and will never regret, and I would highly recommend Tasmania as an extraordinary study destination to those who would like to see a better version of themselves.”

Yifan Huo


Yifan (Evan) Huo is an international student from China studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Tasmania in Launceston.

Yifan finds Tasmania to be full of opportunities to explore and enjoy life. He spends his free time doing adventurous activities such as swimming, rock climbing and enjoying fresh food products from the farms.

Tasmania has given Yifan the chance to engage with diverse communities, such as the LGBTQIA+ community, who have embraced him with open arms.

“I feel very welcomed in the LGBTQIA+ communities in Tasmania. My favourite LGBTQIA+ community is the Pride Society of the University of Tasmania which I actively participate in. We organised Drag and Dine; Musical Way Forward; comedy, and poetry and movie nights. One of the highlights so far of my time in the society was the Mardi Gras held in May. There are lots of LGBTQIA+ communities in Tasmania so you can explore and find your favourite one.”

Emmanuel Intsiful


Emmanuel is from Ghana and currently a higher degree research candidate (PhD) in Education at the University of Tasmania. 

Emmanuel has travelled and studied in many countries, including Norway, Denmark, Sweden and China, but according to him, Tasmania is the place he calls his second home.

“I love the laid-back lifestyle, the fresh air, and the surreal scenery that can be found everywhere in Tassie. In my spare time, I love travelling as it gives me the opportunity to interact with people of different backgrounds and cultures.”

Nhat Truong


David Truong is from Vietnam and is currently doing a Master’s degree in Information Technology with a major in Data Analytics at the University of Tasmania.

David is actively involved in extracurricular activities such as community events, sports event and university social programs.

“I enjoy taking part in social events and making new friends, as well as developing lifelong experiences. Studying and working in Tasmania has been a great journey. I enjoy the lifestyle, the beauty of nature, and the hospitality of Tasmanians. I welcome you to Tasmania and together we can explore this beautiful state, a land of opportunities.”

Nabin Mahat


Nabin is an international student from Nepal who has completed a dual Master’s in Business Administration and Accounting, and is currently studying a Diploma of Community Service followed by a Graduate Diploma of Management Learning.

With travelling as his passion, Nabin likes to explore new things, and with so much on offer in Tasmania, he is thoroughly enjoying his time there.

Nabin’s message to prospective students?

“It was tough for me to decide the study destination within Australia, however, there are many factors that made me choose Tasmania. Tasmania is a land of opportunity, and we need to be mindful for the fact that opportunity does not come to us, but we have to go and get the opportunity ourselves.”

Shreya Mishra


Shreya Mishra is an international student from India and is pursuing a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Tasmania.

She says she is “…studying psychology partially because I am passionate about raising awareness about mental health and well-being, but mostly because it brings me the closest I will ever come to mind reading and living out my villain fantasies in this universe.”

Shreya’s experience so far is all positive.

“I moved to Tasmania not too long ago, right before the pandemic struck, which in turn brought us international students closer together as one big family living together on this beautiful island of Tasmania. There are a lot of things to love about Tasmania, including the exciting new experiences, the amazing people who welcome you as their own and the breathtaking natural beauty that I am yet to explore. But one of my favourites still remains the colours of the beautiful Tassie sunsets and the sunrises (ironically, I am not a morning person at all). I have seen a lot of dusks and dawns but the ones in Tasmania are the ones I would capture in my memories forever.”

Tianyuan Qu


Tianyuan is an international student from China studying a Master’s Degree in Tasmania.

Tianyuan loves living in the relaxed, beautiful environment of Tasmania and says Tasmania has offered him so many opportunities.

“I am very fortunate to be able to study in Tasmania. Here I can not only learn, but also develop my hobbies. I’m a video director and the Tasmanian landscape has allowed me to collect a lot of beautiful photos and videos. I also love diving, and it’s a diver’s paradise here. So, I am very grateful for the opportunity to study and live here, and I hope that more international students can also come here and experience a different life.”


Study Tasmania Connect is easy to use.

In just a few simple steps, students can connect with a Student Ambassador.

The first step is to chat with a bot, which can be done through the Study Tasmania APP, website or via Facebook messenger:

The Study Tasmania Connect bot sources some basic student details through a few simple questions to create a profile for each student.

Once this information is gathered, prospective students are presented with options so they can choose a student ambassador they feel is the best fit for them.

Each ambassador has a short description that provides information about their nationality, area of study, where they are studying, and their hobbies and interests.

After selecting the ambassador they feel fits them best, the prospective student can connect and chat IRL with the student ambassador to learn more about Tasmania and to gain as much information as possible to help them make their study choice.

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