Here’s Why Malaysian Students Choose the University of Tasmania

For Malaysian aspiring students, University of Tasmania has a lot to offer.

Not only does the university boast world-class business, engineering, and arts courses – it also is located in a state that Lonely Planet once ranked among the world’s top ten regions to visit.

Here’s what three Malaysian students have to say about their time at the University of Tasmania.

1. Samsiah Rahman, Master of Fine Art and Design (Specialisation) – Malaysian Student

‘My name is Samsiah Rahman. I first heard about the University of Tasmania from my arts lecturer who came to the University of Tasmania for a conference. On her return, she told me about Tasmania and the excellent Fine Art course offered at the University, which also had specialities in sculpture and ceramics’.

‘I was keen to come here as there wasn’t a university in Malaysia that offered as good a course as the University of Tasmania’s. My lecturer encouraged me to apply, and I was really excited to get in’.

‘There are a lot of advantages to studying Fine Arts here in Tasmania. In Tasmania, the people really appreciate art and the art community is highly supportive of artists’.

“The environment here in Tasmania is so totally awesome that I forgot to get homesick!”

‘Hobart’s entirely different to Kuala Lumpur which is a big crowded, noisy city. Here, it’s more open and beautiful and is a much better environment for an artist to further their education. The environment here in Tasmania is so totally awesome that I forgot to get homesick!’

‘I am a nature lover. So of course, I do a lot of bushwalking. I’ve travelled a lot around Hobart and Tasmania to get inspiration for my artwork’.

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2. Hui Zhen Soo, MBA – Malaysian Student

‘I’m Hui Zhen Soo from Malaysia and I am studying a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Tasmania’.

‘I chose to study at the University of Tasmania because of the quality of the MBA courses and personal classes. Here in Australia the lecturers encouraged us to voice our opinion so we can discuss with the lecturer the topics we’re having trouble with. They see this as an opportunity for us to learn’.

“The lecturers have also helped me to improve my English as have my fellow students”.

‘The lecturers have also helped me to improve my English as have my fellow students – being a medium sized university with more locals and who are friendly is definitely an advantage for this’.

‘The University of Tasmania degree will help me in the future with my own business in Malaysia. I want to put into practice what I’ve learned down here when returning to Malaysia, so I become more successful in managing my business’.

3. Juugraj Singh, Bachelor of Engineering – Malaysian Student

‘My name is Juugraj Singh and as a child growing up in Kuala Lumpur I was a big fan of action movies. The fast cars, planes and bikes on the big screen sparked my interest in mechanical engineering.  My mother wanted me to do something productive with my passion. She encouraged me to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather, who was involved in the mining industry’.

‘When the University offered me a Tasmania International Scholarship (TIS) to study engineering, I was overjoyed’.

‘Location was an important factor in my decision to study at the University of Tasmania.  I loved living in Kuala Lumpur, but it is a really big city and I wanted to do something different.  Living and studying in Tasmania is completely different to where I come from, in a good way.  The air is clean and I love going for walks along the beach in the cool fresh air.  Meeting new people and making friends seems to be easier for me here and I have an interest in boats so I really appreciate living near the water’.

The University of Tasmania also offers really unique services to students.  I found the career mentor program valuable as it matches students with alumni who can share insights and experiences that you cannot get from a class room’.

‘When I first moved to Australia for my studies I noticed that the people were very friendly and much more direct and straight forward.  Tasmanians in particular are very supportive and this has helped a lot with my self-confidence and personal development’.

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