The Australian or New Zealand Dream: Marcus Vinicius de Freitas, Expert In Profile

Marcus Vinicius de Freitas is an experienced and highly motivated Education Expert from Brazil, that is based in Bayeux, France. He likes to help people and is looking forward to the impact he can make on the lives and the educational journeys of aspiring students.

With a Diploma of Management and Marketing from Australian Pacific College, a Certificate IV in International Trades and Marketing from ILSC, and a General English course from Academies Australasia, Marcus is also a firm believer in the Australian dream and its education opportunities.

Marcus left Brazil just over seven years ago to go to Australia as a student! He ended up staying longer than what he first thought he would.

He first got involved in the career counselling space and started helping students with their study plans by sharing his experience and helping others come to study in Australia. After almost five years he moved to New Zealand where he also worked in the same space, just like he did in his native Brazil and also in Australia.

Now Marcus Vinicius de Freitas has started a new journey with his partner in France, but he does not want it to stop from helping people make their Australia or New Zealand dreams come true!

Sofiri: Tell us a little about your story, from the very beginning

When I finished my Bachelor degree and turned 22 years old I quit everything in Brazil and went to Australia. At first, the plan was to stay for 5 months but in the end I stayed for 4 and a half years! I traveled around the country, studied English and vocational courses and met amazing people during my journey over there. After that I decided to take another path and headed to New Zealand for yet another great adventure for two years and now I have moved to France.

Sofiri: What is your personal experience of the Australian education system?

I studied English for almost one year and then did from certificate IV to advanced diplomas in VET courses. I was close to starting my masters degree in Australia but had to change my plans. Australia’s education system has the highest standards, they look at its students as the future of the country and the economy and that makes the difference when comparing to other countries’ education.

Marcus Freitas, education expert from Sofiri
"I recommend to international students regarding what’s great about studying in Australia, their beaches (My favourite is Bronte Beach), people, culture, quality of life, weather, safety, employments opportunities and the coffee."

Marcus Vinicius de Freitas

Sofiri: The weather can vary across the country, but we do love the sun! What is it about the Australian weather that you like?

I like the fact that there will always be summer somewhere in the country and also the fact that you can go snowboarding in winter too!

Sofiri: There are certainly aspects of our culture that are distinctly Australian. What is it about Australian people and culture that you like?

The are extremely chilled out. I love the “no worries” lifestyle and the “she will be right” positivism regarding to dealing with problems.

Sofiri: The employment opportunities in Australia for qualified and skilled workers are immense. Tell us more on what you think about the employment opportunities in Australia for international student graduates.

Australia is a pretty “young” country, which means their small population isn’t enough to fill out all the job opportunities to keep up with its growth. And that’s what makes Australia so attractive to skilled overseas workers. There are plenty of jobs and they are really well paid. It is really worth investing in a good education onshore and then get rewarded by having a great job also!

Sofiri: Barbeques, seafood feasts, meat pies, fish and chips, kangaroo steaks…. What’s not to love about Australian food! What’s your favourite Australian food? Do you remember trying it for the first time? Or do you remember introducing it to someone from overseas?

I love the meat pies! At first it sounded a bit weird to me but now I miss it every single day! I once led my parents into eating kangaroo meat. I just told them it was beef at first, once they said they really liked it I told them it was actually “roo meat”, they were quite surprised!

"Australia is a pretty “young” country, which means their small population isn’t enough to fill out all the job opportunities to keep up with its growth. And that’s what makes Australia so attractive to skilled overseas workers. There are plenty of jobs and they are really well paid. It is really worth investing in a good education onshore and then get rewarded by having a great job also!"

Marcus Vinicius de Freitas

Marcus Vinicius de Freitas, education expert from Sofiri
Sofiri: According to a recent analysis, Australia is the world’s safest country for a woman. There’s a lot of positive things to say when it comes to the level of safety in Australia! How do you think safety in Australia compares to overseas/elsewhere?

Comparing to developing countries Australia is heaven for safety, even comparing to other strong economies Australia is still miles ahead in safety!

Sofiri: Australia tends to place very well in quality of life indexes across the globe. In what ways do you appreciate the Australian quality of life?

The best thing for me was being able to enjoy the beach after a studies/work day.

Sofiri: Australia’s political system is quite unique. What is it about the Australian political system that appeals to you?

They have two strong parties, the liberals and the labors, for us, overseas students it tends to get better when the liberals are in power, as they seem to want to widen Australia’s links with other countries and cultures. The labor tends to make changes in order to prioritize Australians, which is still fair enough in my opinion.

Sofiri: Tell us anything else you’d like to share, about what’s great about studying in Australia!

The best thing about studying in Australia is the opportunity to meet people for all over the world. It helps you see and understand other cultures, promotes peace and unity. I can say that I have changed a lot since I came to Australia, I try to understand and learn as much as I can about other cultures. And of course, I try to show my own culture to the others too.

Sofiri: Can you tell us about your work experience?

It is very easy to find jobs in Australia, when you’re studying you can only work part time so the best is to do hospitality jobs for example but it is rewarding and surely enough to get you going without taking the focus from your studies. Once you are done with your studies it is also easy to search for jobs in your field and start a great career over there.

Sofiri: What are some important questions aspiring students should ask themselves before they select a course and educational provider?

Do I like what I have chosen to study or not? There’s no point on doing “whatever” course just to stay in Australia. You must do what you love doing otherwise you will spoil your stay there and won’t develop as you are supposed to!

Sofiri: Tell us anything you’d like to share with prospective students who may like to embark on their Sofiri journey with you.

I have had a great journey in Australia, I know a lot about the education system, life style, entertainment and I am sure I can help you realize the Aussie dream!

education expert Marcus Vinicius Freitas
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