Need support setting up a bank account in Australia? Sofiri is a Commonwealth Bank Global Alliance Partner!

At Sofiri our aim is to offer students access and support to a world class education. On top of this we want to help you navigate the daily basics of moving to a new country. That’s why we have become a Global Alliance Partner of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to help you with all your banking needs.

Sofiri is a Commonwealth Bank Global Alliance Partner

Say hello to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia

There’s a lot to look forward to when you move to Australia to study. Not only can you enjoy world class educational facilities, but every day can be an adventure. Whether you’re surfing at a sunny beach, tasting fresh seafood or discovering Australian wildlife there’s always something to look forward to. Sofiri wants to make your move to the sunny side even smoother by introducing you to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. They’re known to Aussies as CommBank.

Meet the bank more new arrivals choose

CommBank is Australia’s largest bank. They’ve been helping Australian dreams come true since 1911, and support more people moving to Australia than any other bank. They’re also the bank that more international students choose, so they’ve got the experience to make sure your adventure is smooth sailing. With a variety of products and services, you can get your banking sorted in no time.

Find helpful hints and tips about moving to and studying in Australia by visiting their Moving to Australia website.

Simple process

Opening a bank account before you arrive in Australia means you can quickly enjoy everything your new home has to offer. To enjoy the speed and convenience of applying for a bank account online use Sofiri’s referral link: 

You’ll receive your account details instantly and can start transferring money to your account straightaway. You’ll also get detailed instructions on how to access your bank account once you arrive in Australia. How good is that!

This will apply if:

  • You have been granted a student visa.
  • You’re moving to Australia in the next 3 months or are in your first 3 months of living in Australia

To open your account please click here: 

Sofiri and CommBank are excited to welcome you to the land down under!

Things you should know: Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 is a company incorporated in Australia with limited liability and subject to Australian regulation.

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