The Australian Dream: Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye, Expert In Profile

Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye is an experienced and highly motivated Education Expert from Nigeria who wants to help you. As an Education Expert she’s looking forward to the impact she can make on the lives and the educational journeys of aspiring students.

With a MSc. Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Blessing is also a firm believer in the Australian dream and its education opportunities.

“I have over 5 years experience doing what I love most – that is helping people make an informed decision on their choice of program and school. I was once an international student, so I understand the challenges you face in making this life-changing decision.”

Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye
Sofiri: Tell us a little about your story, from the very beginning

I am a Nigerian and I love to travel. Prior to migrating to Australia, my journey outside my home country began roughly 8 years ago. I travelled to Northern Cyprus, a nice Island on the Mediterranean in pursuit of my Bachelors degree. After which, I got my Masters degree from the University of Warwick in the UK. After my studies, I got a job that availed me the opportunity to travel round the East and West Africa countries (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and Cameroon etc). I was overseeing and recruiting students for international studies. Then when the opportunity to move to Australia came, I took it and moved here. So far, it’s been an exciting experience for me.

Sofiri: What is your personal experience of the Australian education system?

Australia places very high importance on the quality of students they accept. There are vast hands-on practice facilities available to the students and they place very high importance on personnel safety. The institutions have a variety of industry collaborations for their students to take advantage of. This is amazing because it gives them the opportunity not only in gaining working experience but also see how to apply their skills in solving everyday problems.

"Although I haven’t visited many beaches in Australia, I love the Scarborough and Cottesloe beaches. They’re the place to be in the summer, especially to cool off and have fun parties. "

Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye

Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye, education expert from Sofiri
Sofiri: What is it about the Australian weather that you like?

In Western Australia, the weather is not that different from the one we have in Nigeria and also Cyprus. It does get humid and also cool and that’s what I like about it.

Sofiri: What is it about Australian people and culture that you like?

The average Australian is a peaceful and content person, and not on a fast pace unlike what we’re used to in Nigeria. One thing I love is the Aboriginal Welcome to Country ceremony. It says so much about their love for each other and their country.

Sofiri: Tell us about the employment opportunities in Australia for international student graduates.

There are employment opportunities for international students and a good way to start working is whilst you’re studying as you can work 20 hours per fortnight. Getting either paid/unpaid internships first is the way to go.

Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye, education expert from Sofiri
"I am not very adventurous when it comes to food but I love their Chicken Parmigiana. When I introduced it to a friend she thought it tasted heavenly. "

Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye

Sofiri: How do you think safety in Australia compares to overseas/elsewhere?

Australia is very particular about safety and ensures that every community has a predestined set of instructions and follow up procedures to ensure the safety of the people. The police response time is fast and there are constant patrol teams like rangers to help with safety.

Sofiri: In what ways do you appreciate the Australian quality of life?

There is almost a zero threat to life here. Australia is a peaceful country and I love the peace of mind I have living here.

Sofiri: What is it about the Australian political system that appeals to you?

Honestly, I don’t know much about their political system. But I can tell you that they do have a great working system as is evident in the infrastructures the country has in place.

Studying in Australia gives you the opportunity to travel to many holiday destinations close to Australia, you meet many amazing people and learn a lot about other peoples culture.

Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye
Sofiri: Can you tell us about your work experience?

Right from my undergraduate days, I have worked in various capacities helping students to make informed choices about their study abroad options. I had worked in my schools international office and continued to work in student recruitment even after graduation. And as I was once an International student, I can comfortably say that I understand what students look for in study destinations and have loved and still love interacting and building friendships with students through their journey.

Sofiri: What are some important questions aspiring students should ask themselves before they select a course and educational provider?

There are number of things an aspiring student needs to know before embarking on their journey. First of all, do you love the course you have chosen? Because if you do then it makes it easier and fun to learn. Secondly, the school you have chosen – is it a reputable institution and does your budget align with what they offer? What is the average budget for living expenses in the City you are going to live in? How safe is the city? Are there job opportunities especially for international students? What is the weather like compared to at home? These are questions that readily come to mind. Students should ensure that these questions and others are satisfactorily answered, as they are going to a place they have never been to and as such should cover their bases before making any commitments or decisions.

If you choose to begin this journey with me, we will explore opportunities available to make your study abroad dream come true not just from an education experts view point but also from a former international students’ view. So please come on-board with me and experience the ease in process that is only available via the Sofiri platform.

Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye
education expert Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye
Chat with Sofiri Education Expert, Blessing Oranekwu-Okoye, now about your study options in Australia. Whether you’re considering an English language course, bachelor degree, master’s degree, or PhD research, Sofiri is a free and convenient way to find out what you’re eligible to study. Our Education Experts are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the education industry today.

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