New courses will be offered by Collarts

Collarts has announced three dynamic new courses on its schools of design and entertainment. So, prepare yourself for immersive courses that will allow you to complete your Bachelor Degree in two years instead of the standard three.

1. Bachelor of Screen & Media

screem and media in australia, image from collarts

Collarts is diving headfirst into film and television, announcing their newest degree in Screen & Media. Focused on screenwriting, filmmaking, documentary-making, distribution, and marketing strategies, the degree will give students the knowledge and skills they need to develop and manage a career in the industry.

Students will also work closely with students from other courses—including music, audio and fashion—to gain a well-rounded understanding of creative industries.

2. Bachelor of Fashion & Sustainability

bachelor of fasion in Melbourne. Image from Collarts

Collarts is proud to announce their newest degree in Fashion & Sustainability. The first of its kind in Australia, they’re empowering the next generation to create a more sustainable fashion future that will transform the industry for good.

With a focus on fashion futures, fabric and textile design, and sustainable business strategy, students will gain the knowledge and skills to develop and manage a career in emerging fashion industries. 

Collarts offers students a variety of real-life industry experiences so that they are career-ready when they graduate. Students will have opportunities to apply their studies by partaking in sought-after internships around Melbourne, along with hands-on experiences at major festivals like Melbourne Fashion WeekEgo Expo and more.

3. Bachelor of Animation & VFX

animation and vfx in australia. Image from Collarts

Collarts is incredibly proud and excited to announce the new course in Animation & VFX, launching in collaboration with CG Spectrum.

Drawing on the expertise of industry experts who have worked in studios such as DisneyILMDreamworks, and more, students will have the flexibility to learn skills under their guidance at a one-on-one level.

Students will graduate with specialised training, experience in the animation industry, and a recognised qualification both in Australia and internationally.

Why you will love Collarts

  • You will get the best start to your career with a university-level qualification that will pave the way for job opportunities
  • Collarts hosts world-class recording studios, post-production facilities, performance spaces, computer labs and classrooms within their four campuses.
  • Through Collarts’ extensive industry networks, they offer tailored opportunities for students to work in the entertainment and arts industry whilst they are still studying.

Want more?

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