Live Broadcast Recap: Should You Study an MBA?

Who is the Master of Business Administration (MBA) designed for? How could it help you? Should you study an MBA at all?

We ask these questions and more to George Hernandez of Sofiri, and Dr. Nicolas Hamelin of SP Jain School of Global Management in this live broadcast.

Who Is an MBA For?

The MBA degree is for anyone interested in business. Entrepreneurs, nonprofit workers, or people with technical backgrounds have all benefited from MBA degrees.

So, is an MBA just a piece of paper?

It can be. As with anything, your experience studying an MBA will be whatever you make it. Choose your course carefully and with intention, and your MBA will be much, much more than just a piece of paper.

In business, you will need a toolbox of diverse skills to draw from. Studying an MBA can help you build a skill set that you can apply to any business. MBA degrees also allow you to specialise in a specific area. This gives you the opportunity deep dive into your area of expertise, and become an expert.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing an MBA?

Where you study is important. That’s why SP Jain’s courses take students to the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Business is international, so the course is taught by global professors across multiple sectors across the world.

MBA degrees typically cost between $30,000 and $35,000 per year at Australian universities. 

SP Jain’s one-year Global MBA costs approximately $AU75,000, including four months accommodation in Dubai, health insurance and taxes. 

You’ll want to know that your investment in education is going to pay off. SP Jain finds their students placements 99% of the time. Last year, graduates of SP Jain’s global MBA applied their learnings directly to their careers, resulting in an average 5.5 x salary increase.

Their graduates include entrepreneurs, NGO managers, and business leaders. It’s just one of reasons why Forbes rated their Global MBA as a global top 20 MBA program.

Scholarships are available to students with an outstanding academic background. SP Jain offers scholarships to high-performing students or those who have achieved something significant.

Can I study an MBA?

All universities require a standard set of prerequisites, which often include work experience or aptitude tests.

If you don’t have work experience but would like to study an MBA, you still can! SP Jain’s Master of Global Business is a 16 month program, which you can study with zero work experience. 

What Can I Specialise In?

SP Jain offers specialisation in marketing, finance, logistics, and accounting. 

Courses are taught by experts who are entrepreneurs themselves. They offer practical, advanced, and tested knowledge to students, utilising the latest technology.

should study mba specialisation

So, Should You Study an MBA?

If you’re still asking yourself whether you should study an MBA, it’s time to take the conversation further. Try using Sofiri for free course counselling, where you can ask your Education Expert more about whether an MBA will help you achieve your goals. You’ll get guidance throughout your journey through applying to study and for your student visa, and you’ll receive answers to your questions every step of the way.

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