Study Abroad at Murdoch University in Australia

Studying abroad is an unforgettable experience that will change the way you look at things forever, and Murdoch University is currently offering a program for those who want to experience the best of what education, Australia and life has to offer.

This program is called Study Abroad and Exchange and believe it or not, it worth only AU$6,900.

At Murdoch University, they believe in offering you every opportunity to explore, grow and develop as forward-thinking individuals. Experience the driving force behind all of their teaching practices, you will not only learn through the experience of their leading academics, but through the experiences you gain as a Murdoch Study Abroad and Exchange student.

You will experience the world, learn about new cultures and look different perspectives which will make you get an enriching and well-lived life.

Through Murdoch’s Study Abroad and Exchange program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Spend one or two semesters studying in sunny Western Australia at Murdoch’s Perth campus;
  • Earn academic credit points, which can be transferred back to your home university degree;
  • Choose subjects to study from across all of Murdoch’s eight Study Areas;
  • Explore Western Australia with other Study Abroad and Exchange students with one (or more) of Murdoch’s unique West Australian tours;
  • Enjoy all that Australia has to offer with a wide variety of social events and activities designed specifically for you and other Study Abroad and Exchange students.
education expert Marcus Vinicius Freitas
"My semester was absolutely amazing, in addition to experiencing WA and meeting beautiful people, also achieved a deeper knowledge within Marketing and Business Administration. My professors in Strategic Marketing, Business Negotiation and International Marketing inspired me and motivated to achieve the best possible results and to think outside the box. That I got a Specialised Certificate in Marketing and Business is a big plus for me and something I am very proud of"

Sofia Werner, Linnaeus University

Study Abroad and Exchange social program

To live an exceptional student life, Murdoch University has developed an extensive and all-inclusive social program for their Study Abroad and Exchange students.

With a strong focus on forming long-lasting friendships, this program connects students through a range of cultural events and social activities, helping you make the most of your Australian experience.

Not all the activities will be the same, but you could be involved in sporting ones such as surfing lessons, indoor rock climbing, or social and cultural ones such as street art tours, swim with dolphins, or, day trips ones such as visiting The John Forest National Park, The Pinnacles and Rottenest Island.

What are the subjects?

Study Abroad at Murdoch University

There are a wide range of subjects from across eight Study Areas, and you, as Study Abroad and Exchange student will have the opportunity to make a decision about expanding your expertise choosing a specialized subject or exploring new fields of study choosing a whole different one -It’s basically your choice-.

Note: If there is no study theme covering your area or interest, you’re welcome to choose your own classes by going to their online handbook. Please, note that the courses listed are subject to timetable availability and are subject to change. Where prerequisites exist, you will need to provide proof of meeting the prerequisites

At Murdoch University you will find the following areas:

  • Business and Law
  • Health
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Teaching
  • Social and Cultural Studies
  • Creative Arts and Communication

If you’re unsure what you want to study as your Bachelor. Select three of four classes as a ‘taste-tester’ to help you work out what you might want to study as your degree

If you apply for direct entry from your final year high schooling and you’ll possibly gain credits for units completed at Murdoch that may shorten your degree back in home or contribute towards a full Murdoch degree.

Support fee assistance available to certain countries

Support fee assistance for studying abroad

Travelling to a new country to pursue your studies is a big step. Having the courage and conviction to follow your dreams and take your studies to Murdoch University means you are already part of their global community of creative and forward-thinking minds that thrive from experiencing the best of what the world has to offer

Students from Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, in particular, would receive financial support from their governments.

German students who are enrolled in a degree programme in Germany can have government support through BAföG to study overseas for one or two semesters. They can have a monthly living allowance, receive up to EURO 4,600 in tuition support, get an overseas health insurance and receive up to EURO 1,000 in travel support. Please note that for many students, this support is somewhat based on the income of their parents, but the majority can receive such support.

Danish students will receive a really great government support for living allowance, tuition fees, monthly loan, whether they’re planning to study abroad (undergrad + grad), do a full undergraduate or graduate degree (Master) for a period of maximum two years.

Norwegian students also receive really great government support for living allowance, tuition fees and travel expenses. Students can use the support calculator (in Norwegian only) to find out how much they could receive, including travel expenses and any family support.

Swedish students also receive study aid through The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) which approves and sends out Swedish financial aid for studies, which includes both grants and loans to students in Sweden and abroad.

Marking Conversion Recommendations

Murdoch University’s standard full time study load is 12 credit points per semester however many Study Abroad and Exchange students choose to take 9 credit points, which is permitted.

Murdoch would recommend the following conversion as a guide for European students

  • 3 Murdoch Credit Points = 7.5 ECTS
  • 9 Murdoch Credit Points = 22.5 ECTS
  • 12 Murdoch Credit Points = 30 ECTS

Further details of the Murdoch University degree regulations and other academic matters can be consulted with the official Murdoch’s Online Handbook

Why you’ll love Murdoch University

Murdoch University is ranked in the Top 100 of Universities in the Asia Pacific Region and is one of the Top 100 Universities in the world under 50.

For more information about the Study Abroad program and Exchange at Murdoch University, and start an application, you just have to register and choose an education expert to guide you and resolve any concerns you might have, as well as advise you for free even in your visa process.

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