The Australian Dream: Karenny Widjaja, Expert In Profile

Karenny Widjaja is a professional architect and has developed multi disciplinary skills through life experiences and education. She is an experienced and highly motivated Education Expert from Indonesia.

She is looking forward to the impact she can make on the lives and the educational journeys of aspiring students and wants to help you every step of the way, so you can feel relaxed and positive about your future study.

As she has been working in the education industry for some time, she’s well placed to be able to help guide and counsel future international students.

I was an international student when I came to Sydney. During that time I studied several courses at TAFE and UNSW. I understand the excitement and anxiety that International Students may have in studying overseas and I would be able to help you with the knowledge and experience I have gained.

Karenny Widjaja
Sofiri: Tell us a little about your story, from the very beginning

I came to Sydney with my husband to study a Master Degree at UNSW. We were excited because we were about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of our lives.

Sofiri: What is your personal experience of the Australian education system?

In Sydney, I found the lecturers are very approachable, close to their students, and helpful. There were lots of choices in electives to study, and you’re very supported in doing research.

Sofiri: What do you like most in Australia?

Basically four things – the employment opportunities, the food – my favourite Australian food is a Lamington (google if you’re not sure what it is!) – the safety – Australia is still very safe in general, you just need to have common sense about it – and the quality of life. My parents just loved Australia when we invited them to visit. Incidentally, my favourite beach in Australia is Whitsunday Beach in North Queensland.

Sofiri: What is it about Australian weather, people and culture that you like?

Australia is very multicultural and the people are friendly. We made lots of friends from other countries and have become friends for life. In addition, the weather has a mild winter and beautiful spring and autumn days. The climate is so nice.

Sofiri: Tell us what you think about the employment opportunities in Australia for international student graduates.

There are lots of chances to get employment, especially for graduates. But employers do like people with a can-do attitude, ready to try new things and who are prepared to work hard.

I was trained as an undergraduate entry assessment officer for international students and had to keep up to date with many regulations and policy changes about prospective international student’s eligibility.

Karenny Widjaja
Sofiri: In what ways do you appreciate the Australian quality of life?

The work life balance, the traffic is not so bad and the public transport is good. The experience of studying in Australia is so worth it and opens the mind to all the possibilities.

Sofiri: What is it about the Australian political system that appeals to you?

I don’t really follow politics but appreciate the work government does to stabilise us in life and to keep the economy strong.

Sofiri: Can you tell us about your work experience?

I worked in the retail sector as a casual to support myself whilst I was studying. Then after being awarded my Master, I worked as a Documentation Architect in several local Australian companies. In 2005, I became an Admissions Officer at UNSW because I could see the benefit for work life balance. At the same time I volunteered for the local church. I am now working in the property investment and real estate sector.

Sofiri: What are some important questions aspiring students should ask themselves before they select a course and educational provider?

To choose to study what they like to do in later life. However, if it’s not exactly the right choice, studying overseas will still benefit and enrich you in so many ways.

education expert Karenny Widjaja
Chat with Sofiri Education Expert, Karenny Widjaja, now about your study options in Australia. Whether you’re considering an English language course, bachelor degree, master’s degree, or PhD research, Sofiri is a free and convenient way to find out what you’re eligible to study. Our Education Experts are some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the education industry today.

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