What should you keep in mind to choose the best course in Australia?

The wide variety of courses to study English language, an undergraduate degree, a technical degree, a master’s degree or a doctorate in Australia sometimes makes it difficult to consider which is the best of all. The advice of friends tends to be subjective. So why not do your own research and own assessment?

We consider the following two aspects are the most important to be able to choose the best course for you.

1. Quality of the course

The most valid criterion to consider if an educational institution has high quality standards —and therefore its courses— to provide academic training is to evaluate its scientific publications and understand what have they developed that has really impacted the economy and society.

international classifiers such as Shanghai Jia Tong (ARWU), indicate that one fourth —that’s 25%— of the 40 Australian universities are within their top 200. A very high figure taking into account that the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States barely reach 15%, 8.5% and 1% respectively.

There are several educational institutions with high recognition that belong to select groups and are considered the best in the world, but that does not mean that absolutely all of their programs have quality. Therefore, we must look at other areas such as:

  • The size of the faculty where you want to study
  • The size and manner in which the classes are given
  • Connectivity and use of technological tools
  • The ease in entering the academic program
  • The academic training of teachers
  • The size of libraries and the ease of getting information
  • Laboratories and other facilities
  • The location of the Campus

2. Cost of the course or program

The cost of tuition varies greatly from one institution to another, starting with the English courses that you can find from $180 AUD weekly up to more than $400 AUD, the latter being those offered by the universities.

The high cost in universities is due to the fact that these are quite short and intensive programs and in some cases they offer the opportunity to directly enter their undergraduate or postgraduate programs without taking a validation exam such as the IELTS. In addition to having the same benefits as undergraduate or postgraduate students in the use of their facilities.

You can find technical or vocational courses in Australia from $ 3000 AUD semester in different areas of knowledge such as commerce, business, computer science or systems, natural sciences, health sciences, engineering sciences, etc.

These programs can serve as a catapult to enter a university to course a degree or undergraduate program.

With respect to taking an undergraduate degree or postgraduate programs such as masters and doctorates, the cost increases significantly. The total cost of undergraduate degrees range from $ 15,000 AUD to $ 33,000 AUD, master’s degree between $ 20,000 AUD and $ 37,000 AUD and PhDs between $ 14,000 AUD and $ 37,000 AUD.

It should be noted that programs such as veterinary medicine and medicine are not included in these averages, since their values are much higher. If you consider that your academic profile is very good, do not hesitate to apply for scholarships in Australia to reduce costs of enrollment.

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