How to Write a Statement of Purpose for an Education Provider

What is a Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a straightforward document that some education providers require international students to write as part of their application processes.

Its purpose is to provide education provider departments with your personal statement on why you should be issued an offer for the course you’ve applied to.

How do you write a Statement of Purpose?

You can write this using Microsoft Word or any other similar application. Try shaping your Statement of Purpose around these questions:

  • Why have you chosen the target country, e.g. Australia or New Zealand as a study destination?
  • Why have you applied to this particular education provider?
  • If you’ve had any gaps between your education and employment, can you explain why?
  • How do you believe the course you have applied for will increase your chances of employment in your home country?
  • When do you intend to return to your home country?

Answering this question: Why have you chosen to study overseas?

There are a lot of reasons why you may have chosen to study in the target country, e.g. Australia! The education system is of high quality, and the universities offer excellent value. There’s a lot to enjoy about cultures overseas, the climate, and even the flora and fauna!

Answering this question: Why are you applying to this particular education provider?

This is a simple matter of explaining the decision-making process you undertook with your Education Expert, when it came to selecting this education provider as your educational institution of choice.

Try to identify other institutions in your country and, in Australia or New Zealand that may be offering the same program you want. It’s good to see that you have genuinely looked at other options.

You can also mention their campuses and the one where you’re going to study in.

Answering this question: Why have you had gaps between your education and employment? 

Perhaps you took a gap year and travelled before going to university, or perhaps you were volunteering. Or, perhaps you went straight into employment after finishing your undergraduate degree – but now you’re ready to continue your studies at a Masters level. There are an array of reasons for any gaps in your resume/CV – simply explain them truthfully, and clearly.

Answering this question: How do you believe the course you have applied for will increase your chances of employment in your home country?

You need to be specific about your future plans once you go back to your home country. Think about  what sort of jobs will the program allow you to apply for, or,  what sort of salaries compared to your opportunities now, etc.

Sofiri makes it easier

We have online forms that are fully structured accordingly to your applications whether you’re applying for different education providers.

Just go to the applications tab at the left menu (once an application has been created), then click on the bar called Statement of Purpose and an online form will drop off.

statement of purpose online form by Sofiri

After completing the online form and checking that the information is accurate and complete, our platform will create an essay that your education expert will assessed eventually.

statement of purpose Sofiri

It’ll be pretty easy to fill up for you! Even though, do not hesitate to contact you education expert if you have any doubt.

But if you’re still not sure…

Don’t worry! Your Education Expert can help you understand everything you need to know. Simple send them a message directly on Sofiri.

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