You can now use the Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier to improve user engagement and increase qualified prospective student leads 5-fold

The problem universities and colleges have is not that they don’t have enough student enquiries, but rather how to best handle them.”

After 4 years and registering more than 60,000 prospective students across Sofiri and partners, Sofiri has developed various solutions, including the Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier, to effectively manage enquiries via Facebook messenger and optimise current student experience and student recruitment.

The Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier:

  • Improves engagement with enquiring users through providing automated and immediate responses 24 hours / 7 days a week 
  • Designs journeys based on the type of user, from current students, to parents, agents and of course prospective students (domestic or international)
  • Improves involvement of enquiring users by automatically prompting them to share detailed information relevant to the type of user, e.g. their backgrounds and qualifications, and what they are interested in studying
  • Automatically qualifies enquiring students so to either discard by sending to a link or pursue enquiries via notifying a human to contact
  • Allows enquiry management in 7 different languages – English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese and Bahasa Melayu

The Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier uses chatbots and AI to deliver results:

  • Accurate identification of high-quality enquiries – Only those enquiries that are to be pursued generate notifications for engagement, these can be based on country of citizenship, preferred language, location, etc. There is no manual handling.
  • Increased conversion – On average the conversion rate of using a webform to a lead is 10%, when using the Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier that conversion rate increases to 50% on average. That’s a 5-fold increase in qualified leads! 
  • Reduced costs – unqualified enquiries are automatically sent to any chosen URL – saving time, money and resources – importantly enabling resources to address only the high-quality leads.
  • Integration to your CRM – All the data can be downloaded and Sofiri can scope for it to be automatically loaded into your CRM or system.
  • Visibility and transparency – As all interactions with the users can be traced, education providers can review as required the performance of all chat journeys engaging with the leads.

The Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier is easy to set up. Before your fully integrated and customized user qualifier goes live, all we need to know from you is 

  • where you want the Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier to be installed (existing Facebook page or a new page for admin access),
  • whether you want to add/remove/amend default qualifying questions, default journey branches and default follow-up messaging, and
  • which specific matching URLs you want to use for all different Facebook Messenger users.

The Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier can manage queries coming from various locations, including, messages to Facebook or Facebook Messenger, click-to-messenger ads on Facebook and Instagram, live chat widgets for Facebook installed on websites and chat buttons on web pages.

Education providers seeking to use the Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier should contact Sofiri here.

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