2021: a year of re-birth

We write to you as we head into the end of 2021 to send along our personal thank you message for your support during the second year of the global pandemic that affected global student mobility.

It’s been a roller coaster for us here at Sofiri and we are very happy to be finishing 2021 on a high.

This week marks the date borders finally opened to international students in Australia, it was great to see many of the students we assisted in the last couple of years and have been studying online to finally make it into their destination.

We continue growing our services portfolio having launched our standalone Facebook Messenger User Qualifier and started assisting IQAP and Sofiri Recruit 360 clients in more destinations, including North America and Europe.

Our efforts have been recognised by Holon IQ and Start-up Lanes by recognising us as one of Australia-New Zealand EdTech 50 most promising teams.

For now, we send you all our warmest good wishes for the holiday season ahead, whatever tradition that brings for you, your families and friends.

A snapshot

Whilst a lot goes on behind the scenes, we’d like to reflect on some of Sofiri’s work in 2021 and some of our plans for next year.

Number of students registered across Sofiri and IQAP clients: 66,000+

More than 2,500 applications created in Sofiri and across the IQAP client network

Mobile app downloads across Google Play and Apple Stores for Sofiri and IQAP Partners: 25,000+

Peers using Sofiri and IQAPs: 150+

Including independent advisors, agent counsellors, student ambassadors and staff members.

30 Peer and advisor nationalities

Sofiri and IQAP peers come from many parts of the world, including ALL continents.

Facebook Reviews

Google Play Rating

Apple Rating

Google Reviews

Improve user engagement and increase qualified prospective student leads 5-fold

Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier

The Sofiri Facebook Messenger User Qualifier can manage queries coming from various locations, including, messages to Facebook or Facebook Messenger, click-to-messenger ads on Facebook and Instagram, live chat widgets for Facebook installed on websites and chat buttons on web pages.

2022: What’s ahead?
Here a few challenges we aim to achieve in the coming year!

Sofiri Recruit 360

We want to continue our mission to help universities and colleges improve diversity and quantity of new students while reducing acquisition costs. Sofiri recruit 360 puts the education provider in the driver seat to recruit students more efficiently. We strongly believe there is an opportunity for managing better the channel mix and innovate with targeted channels.

StudyLink Connect

We’re almost ready with our integration with StudyLink Connect, what’ll be next is the opportunity to offer that integration to existing StudyLink partners to recruit students via mobile apps and powered by IQAP. This is technically a new venue in the direct channel that can be well targeted to specific markets. If you are a StudyLink Connect client, get in touch!

Wishing you lots of good health for you and your family in 2022.

If you want to partner with us, do contact us by clicking the button below.

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