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Is your English proficiency good enough to do a Bachelor’s Degree in Australia? Have you heard about the pathways offered by Acknowledge Education through their four academic institutions?

Acknowledge Education has big plans to help you reach your study goals! You just need to decide which pathway to take. Whether you want to start by improving your English language proficiency or enrol in a vocational course before applying for a higher education degree. The decision is up to you!

What are the academic institutions?

Acknowledge Education has four academic institutions specialising in different areas, Melbourne Language Centre (MLC) for English courses, Front Cooking School (Front), Acknowledge Creativity for vocational courses, and lastly, Stott’s College (Stott’s) for higher education, vocational and secondary school.

What are their higher education programs?

There are five higher education programs which are taught at Stott’s College and all of them can be started from the very beginning when you enrol at an English course with MLC

What are the pathways for each course?

Well, after the successful completion of an English course at MLC, you can decide whether to study at Front, Stott’s or Acknowledge Creativity, it just depends on the bachelor’s degree you’re aiming for.

The image below explains the pathways you can take to the Bachelor programs

Acknowledge Education pathways

Keen to know more about their academic institutions.

Melbourne Language Centre (MLC)

Acknowledge Education, Melbourne Language Center, MLC

You will be one of thousands of students from all over the world that come to Melbourne to study. MLC is your first step on your educational journey. Whether it is General English, University Preparation or High School Preparation, MLC is here for you, providing professional student services and counselling, both academic and personal.

If you are interested in future academic studies, MLC offers you both the English for Academic Purposes and IELTS Preparation programs, which will prepare you for University study.

If you are an internationally qualified health professional, their English for Health Professionals program (OET Preparation) is for you.

If you are a future high school student, they will prepare you in their High School Preparation program to start your next step with confidence, knowing you have the skills necessary to achieve success.

Front Cooking School (Front)

Acknowledge Education, Front Cooking School, Front

Front Cooking School has two campuses in Melbourne. The facilities are first class, and their trainers are industry experienced.

Imagine yourself in a kitchen baking warm, flaky croissants, creating the perfect sweet and salty pastries, and evenings carefully decorating cakes for special events. If this style of specialty baking is for you then Front Cooking School’s Certificate III in Patisserie is the right course.

Completing the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, you will gain hands-on experience in the kitchen and acquire the fundamental food skills that can make you work-ready. This qualification provides a pathway to becoming a Cook or a Commis Chef in a wide range of hospitality establishments including bistros, cafés, hospitals, hotels and restaurants.

If you have always wanted to run a restaurant and experience the joy of serving your signature dishes to satisfied customers, you will know that it involves more intensive education. The Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery is the right course. This qualification provides a pathway to work as a Chef in organisations such as cafés, clubs, hotels, pubs and restaurants or to run your own small business.

Their Diploma of Hospitality trains you to take charge in the fast-paced, exciting world of hospitality. You will acquire a broad range of hospitality skills including training and developing a team to deliver leading industry food and beverage table service, combined with management skills such as rostering staff and preparing and monitoring budgets. This qualification allows for multi-skilling and for specialisation in accommodation services, cookery, food and beverage, and gaming.

The Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management will increase your passion to be a part of this vibrant industry and assist you to rise through the ranks to take your place as a Senior Manager.

Acknowledge Creativity

Acknowledge Education, Acknowledge Creativity

Acknowledge Creativity has one campus in Melbourne and another one in Sydney and they deliver design thinking and innovation tools for business students. 

The Diploma of Creative Enterprise teaches you to adapt, invent, and innovate. You will develop skills like pitching, negotiation and market-based price sensitivity, which you can take into great workplaces and make positive changes.

Stott’s College

Acknowledge Education, Stott's College, Stotts

Stott’s has delivered the VCE program since 2001, and in 2006 was registered and accredited as a Higher Education provider to deliver Undergraduate Programs in BusinessBachelor of Business and Bachelor of Business (Accounting), and in 2017, Stott’s was accredited to deliver the Bachelor of Community Services.

Good quality educators are critical for academic success, and good teaching is so much about care and support. Their academic staff provide excellence in teaching, and they are serious about their student services and counselling, both academic and first language counselling.

Stott’s remains true to its tradition of job-ready graduates, and Acknowledge Education has employed their graduates in accounting, student services and management.

They are proud to be a successful business running business programs and attracting industry partnerships.

To remember…

Acknowledge Education offers awesome pathways which can save you up to one-year worth of tuition fees!

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